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Bilbo's Torture Chamber: Philosopher Seeds Amnesika 2.0 Grow Report For Cannapot

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Your girls are both looking outstanding brother! After seeing how nice your girls are coming along I'm phyced about getting mine in!! Keep up the hard work bro.
Thanks OS. Im sure you will appreciate her man. The smells are really starting to come through now!
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And for me I don’t know what they will turn into.
Ahhh true. Something i know I will have to look out for very soon aswell... thats a good point actually. I already know how to identify males but I better put it up on the breeding thread... or should i do it when i find my own males?
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These were taken on tuesday at Day 51F
tommorow shall be day 55 cant wait to see the difference :p these girls smell fantastic and are getting FAT! I am so happy with these girls @Cannapot this strain will be coming back to my garden 110%. When I chop, dry and get atleast a 2 week cure Ill chuck up a smoke report and final assesment of Amnesika 2.0 shes a gooden though lol