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Billboard Invoking Mayor Bloomberg's Admitted Pot Use Goes Up In Smoke


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The Drug Policy Alliance says it tried to buy an ad urging fewer dope arrests. "Nearly half of all New Yorkers have tried marijuana - including Mayor Bloomberg," the ad claimed. "We can't arrest them all but Bloomberg is trying."

The mayor's toking has been on signs before, including one quoting the mayor saying he had inhaled and "enjoyed it." So Alliance director Gabriel Sayegh said he was stunned when his ad was snuffed out.

The ad firm first said the ad was rejected due to politics "from the mayor's office," then said it rejects all "personal attacks."

Bloomberg's office said it wasn't involved. "It's a free country. People can say what they want," a spokesman said.

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Source: NY Daily News.com
Author: Erin Einhorn
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Website: Billboard invoking Mayor Bloomberg's admitted pot use goes up in smoke
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