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hi there , you can get the feeding chart on the net google it, it gives you every week when and how much

I know you feed every 7 to10 days or so. I was just wanting to know which one of those products I should buy. Bio bloom or top max or both.


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I think top max would contain more phosphorus.

I'm not sure but I think like
5-20-15 for the top max and 5-10-10 for the bloom.
There'll probably be little difference between the two.

Fuzzy Duck

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Bloom for flowering.

Top max is a simulate/enhancer which is said to increase bud sites/yield etc along with flavour/taste... mainly full of humic/fulvic acids & some trace micro nutrients has very little NPK ratio !

In the past i've pretty much used the entire line of Biobizz products.

Biobizz grow can be replaced with Biobizz fish mix for veg growth & works very well.

Biobizz Bloom for flowering.

A Cheaper alternative too Biobizz Heaven is to use the Biobizz alg-a-mic both are full of trace micro nutrients.

Biobizz Heaven is more formulated to other X % of trace micro nutrients.

Biobizz Alg-a-mic is cold pressed seaweed contains a large majority of micro nutrients more than Heaven but at a lower % but is fortified with calcium and magnesium.

Top Max is a so called enhancer & personally i've not seen much difference using it or with out it !
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