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Biobizz nutrients for auto flowers?


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How? I mean do I feed her bloom before she flowers? Lol or wait for them sights then start with bloom?


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Biobizz is great, and from what I've tried, General Organic is great too.

I use this for autos or photos

- BioBizz grow (the best in my opinion, but GO thrive grow is great too))
- BioBizz BioHeaven
- BioBizz Top Max
- General Organic Bio Thrive Bloom (i don't use the biobizz because i find too liquid, ie too much water, but i could be wrong in terms of efficiency).
- General Organic Bio Bud +
- I think that's it

You can't go wrong with BioBizz or General organic. BioBizz is much easier to dose and an overdose is generally without consequences.

You can grow an auto or photo from start to end with only BioBizz Grow and BioHeaven. The results will be great anyway (that's what i did in my grow #3, i did not use a lot of other stuff)

+ I wrote to biobizz last year and in there own words :

I would also advise BioBizz Light Mix as soil because in terms of texture of the soil, it is simply the best I have tried amongst 4 or 5 different brands. There are soil which are as good in terms of results, but the texture will not be as fine as biobizz (+ sometimes you find plastic and stuff that i never saw in the biobizz soils).

For autos + biobizz, there is me, Spart, the beast27 and his auto threads and many more i forgot ! :)
let me know if you need links to their threads !
Ide just like to say this is my first auto grow with l e d lights.
Am currently growing auto sweet tooth and using bio bizz products.
I'm in the 3rd week of grow and my ladies are looking dam fine.
Anybody got anything to share on these lively ladies?


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Am using 10 ltr pots and using
Bio grow.
Bio bloom.
Bio heaven.
Top max.
I started off with 18/6 when vegging (on veg light)for 4 weeks then changed it to 20/4 & changed to bloom light.
Currently on week 3 of flower.
I must say if I grow this,auto again I will be defiantly be topping them as 2 of them are like bloody rockets.
Over all they are ok to handle as I was so scared of touching them as done a lot of re search and it says they don't like getting stressed.(no problems there)
The only other thing ide mention is I will defo be lst ing a lot more with the next lot.
Week 4 flower to be posted.
If anybody is growing these autos ide be grateful for any feed back
1 question I have is can I veg in the same tent if I've reached the flower stage???
How? I mean do I feed her bloom before she flowers? Lol or wait for them sights then start with bloom?
Mine was 4wk old when I introduced bloom look for the hairs on the stem that's a good sign to no she's changing and to introduce bloom.have you looked on the bio bizz grow chart?
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