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Biochemist's Economical PC Grow 2014


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Soil Medium: FF Ocean Forest
Nutrients: Fox Farm liquid trio
Strain:pineapple Chunk
Phone was stolen with Veg pics, unfortunately it's flower from here on out. I vegged for three weeks and I'm on about week 5 of flowering.

PC Setup:
18" tall/17.5" deep/7.5" wide
Four CFL 100w equiv

As a college student I'm pretty damn broke so I was fairly thrifty, here's the breakdown.
Sunshade:1$ at the dollar store
Duct Tape:3$
Four light fixtures:8$, Shoplifted one ;) lowes can handle it
Four 100w equiv lightbulbs: 15$
Super glue:2$ (2 packs at the dollar store)
Power strip:3$
Extension cord:2$
Wire connectors:4$
Four 1" PVC T-connectors:12$
Zip ties:5$
Bolt & nuts:2$
PC fans: Free from my old dekstop
2 12V power adaptors:13$
Total: 82$




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Well, not too much going on I think I stunted it when I messed up the light schedule on accident :/. but I ordered this magnifying glass from china for trichromes. It seems it'll be a bit longer for sure. I'm gonna start using molasses with my water cuz it's cheap and fuck it why not.


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looks reasonable from here.

also, i have that monitor... and used to have that keyboard, but my Wralph Hands brokened it lol

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