Bird seeds and THC


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has anyone else heard that theres thc in some bird seeds im not sure if its true but i have read a few things about it anyone else heard anything like it would it be possible to smoke it and get high lol i dont want to try it and i aint gonna just wounder ?:bong: :bong:


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there used to be hemp seeds in bird feed...not sure if that's where the rumor started. Of course, we all know that the THC in hemp is nada, but less enlightened folks may have added the THC part to the rumor out of ignorance.


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In the UK they sell some bird feed that contains hemp seeds, but they are supposed to be processed so they won't germinate.. Either way... not worth trying for no THC and a nasty headache.



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Yeah..inside a seed is just a little embryo, right? There would be no need for thc...not that I know what THC does..but I'm sure it wouldn't be needed for seedlings to survive.

EDIT:however..I need it to survive :)
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