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Bjjrolls Indoor Northern Lights Auto Soil Grow (Using CFL) - 2014


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Hi everyone. This is my first account and second post on this site so far, so i'll introduce myself..... Not. You all can just call me Bjjrolls :p

Today I've gotten around to planting my second seed. My first was an Easybud auto from royal seed co. and I honestly have no idea went wrong. I put it between tissue paper after drowning it in a glass of water for a day and planted when the seed cracked... Then nothing after 3 weeks.

So the other day I received my Northern Lights seed in the post from the same company, and skipped the glass of water step instead placing it between two pieces of tissue paper, moistened, and wrapped in clingfilm.

In just 3 days the taproot grew to a few cm long, so today I got some multi-purpose compost that I've heard other growers speak highly of (Westland Jack's Magic, bought for £4.99 at the local garden centre) and planted the seed, tap root facing downwards and lightly covered the surface. Here are the relevant facts of the grow right now:

What strain is it? - Northern Lights Auto
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? - 80% Indica, 20% Ruderalis
Indoor or outdoor? - Indoor
Soil or Hydro? - Soil
If soil... what is in your mix? 80% Multi-purpose compost, 20% Perlite
If soil... What size pot? 3 gallon
Size of light? 125W dual spectrum self ballasted CFL with reflector
Is it aircooled? Passive intake via hole drilled in the wall
Temp of Room/cab? ~22 degrees celcius (71f)
RH of Room/cab? ~52%

How often are you watering? Watered once after planting seed, maybe 300ml tops spread throughout the top of the soil. I'd love some input on this matter, as it's one thing i'm unsure about. Should I have watered until some ran out the bottom, or would that drown the seed this early on?

I think that's everything covered... Just so you all know, the grow is taking place in an indoor wardrobe, painted white inside. I have a small fan rigged up for better airflow once the plant starts to grow.

Now all that's left is to pray for the best. Wish me luck :)

I'll update with pics if a seedling breaks free in the next few days


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It's been nearly 2 days now and there's no sign of a sprout. I really feel as if I should've presoaked the soil now as I keep having to feed it small amounts of water to keep the soil damp.

If anyone with experience could weigh in on the aforementioned water issue i'd be very grateful.

David Bowman

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