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Black Cherry Kush


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Here is a pic of some locally grown (Southern Ontario, Canada) Black Cherry Kush (Black Cherry Soda x Master Kush). It was very fruity, with a hint of kush. Felt the effects halfway through a small joint. Soaring heady buzz with little to zero burnout. I found this to be very motivational weed.



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oh it is. I have so many strains that I enjoy, but this one has always had a special place in my stashbox. It has that perfect balance of aroma, taste, looks, and effect. I have been searching high and low for someone to buy seeds for this strain, but it's apparently a private hybrid and not for sale. I've found the Black Cherry Soda and have 2 fem seeds for it. I may try and replicate this strain one day by breeding the Black cherry soda female in a tent with a Master Kush male and hoping for some good seeds, but I doubt I'll be able to replicate this pheno on such a small scale breeding program.

But a man is allowed to dream :) lol


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Sorry to bust your bubble there DJ, however the Institute of Medicine proved in 1999 that "Cannabis does not kill brain cells and may actually protect them." :thumb:

Bye bye brain cells, and hello high!
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