BlackClay's GG4 s1, Banger Glue & Some Generic Autos, Peat, 2021


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GG4 S1, Banger glue, & some generic autos.


  • I’m mainly growing following Dr. Bruce Bugbee and GreenGenes videos along with info I gather from the internet and here.
  • its all duct-taped together.
Things I would change right off the bat, (but feel free to add more if you see anything).

  • Peat: even though there is debate wether peat moss affects environment or not, I do believe its a non sustainable product and will be changing to coco next grow.
  • Lights: I like my Chilled Pucks, but next time i’ll go with Meiju or some other Chinese brand when I feel like expanding the grow.

Photos Space (2 x 4):

GG4 S1 (I know - its GG strains, but its still not the clone, so i don’t expect GG4, I’m not sure what to expect honestly.) & Banger Glue (gg4 x banger)

Four plants in 3 gal fabric pots.

Auto (&Veg) Space (2 x 2)

Generic Blue Dream & GSC by Fastbuds

Two plants in 3 gal pots + two Bruce Banner Auto (Sweet Seeds) in veg.

Lights: DIY cheap setup.

3 Chilled/Growmau5 Puck V2 (300W LM301b) - Photo Space

2 Chilled Puck V4 (200W LM301b) (plus constant bounced sunlight from a near window) - Auto space


45% PEAT

  • Added
    Dolomitic Lime at 40g per 28.3L of medium and
    Gypsum at 10g per 28.3L of medium
Nutrient: (I fertigate every watering and try to water when container feels light)

1.2 - 1.3 EC 20-10-20 Peter’s (6g per 10L tap - through out the grow)

Tap Water - 120ppm

  • Added
    very light dose Armor SI 1 ml per 10 L - start 2 weeks after sow.
    50ml of fresh coconut water per Liter after transplanting.
PH & Conditions:

All of these are my target values - and what I have averaged. Obv, had some variance.


72 -80 Farenheit (22C - 26C)


45% - 60%


(I test with strips - I don’t have a good PH meter)

  • Water + Nutrient: low 6 (I have actually ph about 6.5)

I started this in August 6.

soaked seeds in plain water in shot glasses and placed in darkness for 18 hrs then sowed to solo cups. By the way, that very first day was my first fuck up, because after sowing them I realized the seeds left did not add up with the seeds sowed, meaning some other seeds got mixed in. which ones? i dunno.

from Aug 7 to 23

Ive had a couple more fuck up nights, including overwatering and mismanaged the environment (fixed it with a proper vent)- but the most important thing were:

  1. an S1 and the banger glue had seed covering issues, i waited too long before helping them take it off (moistening the covering for 5 minutes and pulling gently witch tweezers) anyway, eventually the S1 recovered slowly, but the Banger died, and
  2. I gave my pants a transfer shock and in the same day a fan fell over a gsc auto and ripped it in half, but it appears to be surviving.
Pictures to follow:
Sow to Seedling


S1 and banger with coverings. (Banger eventually died after it took me too long to realize i had to help her remove it). S1 survived slowly.

Seedling stage (overwatered once when the cups felt light, but not light enough).


Also had some green algae and covered with lava rock as mulch.
Your off to a great start @blackclay

Nice lights.

Stay safe, and grow well my friend,

Welcome blackclay, looking good!
Thank! although im sort of frea-king-out

Against my judgement i stabbed them with a chopstick after being advised that my peat had compacted (which it had) to aerate. I tried to be careful but I don’t know how careful I had to be.

They are incredibly droopy (peat is still moist, the dry that you see on top was dry peat that I placed to cover some exposed roots) and don’t seem to grow in the last 12 hours.

Its been hectic and overwhelming. but they are surviving my lack of talent.

The drooping was caused by a little overwatering (that compacted the medium a bit) and light intensity under wrong VPD conditions.

I have tried to keep veg under .8 VPD and flowering on 1VPD and they have handled the light much better.

I topped one at the second node for 4 colas.

I fimmed another one for kicks


although a little dark.


I have separated the autos from the photo periods, and the autos are already in early flower.

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