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BlackPolo 420 Indoor Stealth Grow


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I've got some Big Bud x White Widdow hybrid on its way.
It's mainly indica so my grow box may just last until flowering stages.
My medium is Happy Frog potting soil. With fox farm nutrient. Still need to grab some big bloom tho.
For lighting I have a 90w UFO LED. With the fans on the light I have 5 total fans in the space.
I'm going with a DIY C02 system because the tank is another hundo that I don't have.
My seeds will start in plastic cups.
And I will go from there.
First time grower with big dreams of 2 ounces a tree, and together weed can make happen ha!

Here's where the magic happens! What do y'all think?


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I got seeds in!! So swag me the fuck out! But I just can't keep the temp down in the box. It's hitting 90 and driving me crazy, I may need a digital thermometer because I hear they are better. Any suggestions? I'm thinking about removing the intake fan for more exhaust.


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Not a bad method. I've made some changes to my box including, placing the fans in the walls. I a added a fan for circulation as we'll but it only dropped about 3 degrees. I will add a new exhaust coming out the side most likely.
The box measures: 10.5"D x 16"W x 30"T
It's a small box mostly for seedling and veg phase


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Thanks I forgot all about my C02 feed, should I pump it all day though? I took the cheap route and chose to DIY. I'm using a 8"' fan for the roof exhaust. I couldn't find a 12v charger so it's only got 9v powering it, Still hasn't been installed. Just in case I come across one.


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CO2 isn't used when the plants are sleeping, you'll have to run during lights on.

A 2 liter will produce CO2 for 2-3 days. I do the same thing but with Gallon Jugs and they last 7 days. Regardless a system like this runs 24/7 so youll be losing CO2 anyways. And dollar for dollar it will be cheaper to pick up a jar of Yeast vs the individual packets, as long as you have a way to measure out 7g of yeast per gallon of water. Also when doing a system, like this, Hot water kills the yeast but cold water slows them. so you need room temp water.

As yeast feeds on the sugar it will break it down into alcohol and CO2. Each POUND of sugar will be broken down into roughly 1/2 POUND of CO2 gas or 4.35 cu. ft.

1 Cu. Ft of CO2 will increase the CO2 levels in a 1,000 cu. ft (10' x 10' x 10') room by 1,000 PPM. So take that into consideration. But the benefit of the yeast method is it is a slow release system. So if you have 4 oz of sugar per 2 liter bottle and 3.5 g of yeast. This will produce just over 1 cu ft of CO2 into your area over the course of a few days. Perfect solution. But beware that once your solution reaches 5%-8% alcohol by volume the yeast will die regardless of water temp and how much sugar is left.

So if you want to be precise and exact and all that shit lol...Yeast can consume about 1/10 the weight of the water. So a 1 L full of water weighs in at 1,000 grams. so 1/10 of that would be 100 grams. A pound weighs in at 454 grams. So that is close to 1/4 of a pound. A single one L bottle with 100 Grams of sugar and 2 grams of Yeast will produce around 1 cu ft of CO2 over the course of roughly 48-72 hrs.

Thanks for allowing me to share my info and I hope that you understand it and find it helpful!


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I have a small cabinet with a passive air intake and exhausted by a bathroom exhaust fan that I use with 4x 23 watt Compact Florescent Lights. I would use a passive air intake and either more fans for your exhaust system or a larger exhaust fan to cool your grow area. I would use a light baffle design so that your air intake does not allow light into your grow cabinet.

Here is the light baffle design that I use to prevent light from entering the grow cabinet

I have been battling the heat for another week now, and I notice with the door open the exhaust is improved by 100%. Now I know what must be done unfortunately. It was silly of me to not take an experts advice, that's what I came for:adore:


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CO2 is going to be most effective with higher temps so in the middle of the "day" after the lights have been on a few hours and stop a few before they go off. But you don't need it if you keep your temps low and have a lot of air exchange. So many factors you can maximaze before worry about CO2. Looks good so far though.
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