Blastabowl's 1st White Widow Grow


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Hey whats up all, this journal is of my first white widow grow. currently i have 2 white widow females under a 600w HPS in the flowering stage. Each were about 17" tall when i tied the main branch down and since then they have grown much more bushy and now stand at 27" and 30". flowering was induced on may 5th and five clones were taken on the 10th and are still under the humidity dome.

Grow Specs:
Vegetative Room: 33 in Deep x 44 in wide and 33 in Tall
Lighting: Currently i have the clones under a 125W CFL Grow light from Hydrofarm, with plans to add more cfls or fluorescent tubes to sustain more plants. Ventilation: i have a common house fan blowing air into the box and i keep it open on one side for now until i can get some CPU fans in order to get more air flow.

Flowering Room: 3.5 ft x 3.5 ft x 7ft
Lighting: 600w HPS
Ventilation: Bathroom fan constantly running, a holmes industrial fan for circulation, and a AC, to control temp.
In 10 days approx i will buy a hydrohut and some inline fans so i can exchange the air more efficiently.

I Bought these white widow clones from a local grower when they were about 10 in tall and had them in veg under 18/6 for 3 weeks then i induced flowering and we are now on day 7 of flowering. Pics coming soon once i find the charger for my camera battery.
Thanks, it was your journal that inspired me to go with the white widow. I also want to try the sea tea foliar spray when i go buy my hydrohut i'll see if they have any in stock. i Also need to pic up some nutes any suggestions would be great on this subject, but i'm pretty sure i want to go organic.
Here's some pics in day 8 of flowering for our white widow's




as a little extra you could paint the wood supporting the A/C white, just like the walls. Clearly it hasn't been a problem. I'm actually curious, does the side of the plant facing the white wall seem a little fuller than the side against the plain wood?
good call with the rotation, I do that to prevent seedlings from bending towards the light.
^ I figure it helps to strengthen the stems as well. Almost like a really slow fan.
eh maybe a little, slight damage to the stem (super-cropping) will cause the stem to repair itself and quoting Daft Punk makes it "harder, better, faster, stronger, that what don't kill me, will only make me stronger"
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