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Yeah I agree now she has some life after getting that hog out

Lmao hell yea I jus gave her a feeding another feeding 2day so In a day r 2 we will c how big she gets now she is feeding all by herself.

But yea here is an update of the big beast I just harvested. This is my Pineapple Express Auto I jus took down the other day. An I'm sure I'll get around a half pound off of her once she is dry. These were some of the densest buds I've harvested in awhile. I couldnt believe how heavey the colas felt when I would hold up a branch the bud would jus fall to the floor lmao.

This is jow thick the base of the stem was when I chopped her down.

Here we got the flower tent in action. This is the whole family in flower rite now. In back the big bitch is the GSC clone the tall bushy pheno. She sure is a wide one now I opened her up n tied her off to the bamboo posts. She seems like she will stack some nice colas and is under my new QB light so should make some good buds.

GSC clone shorter pheno.

Then here we got my Michka also under a QB light but the small one. She is actually under there with the other shorter GSC clone.

And here last but certainly not least lol is my Blue OG under the growant led light. She seeming like she guna be a fairly good yielder. As long as the colas fatten up which I'm sure they will. She made some nice lookn colas specially nw I got her opened up she should do pretty good.

Then here is the Pineapple Express Auto I jus harvested she came in at 6.14 ounces dried. So I'm very happy with that 2 bad I didnt get the full half pound I was thinkn. But 2 zips shy of a half pound off a plant tht only took alil over 2 months to grow like 2.5 months or so. But yea I was very happy nonetheless lol.

Then jus thought I'd throw it in here lol my non420 garden. The solid purple are purple basil and the stalk to the left is a sweet purple bell peppers. I also got a gooseberry and a jostaberry plant goin. Also 2 small 2 be seen but there is some strawberries going as well. This is jus my small outdoor living organic garden. I got this one out front the big main garden is out back. So decided had to get alil color in the front lol.

Yeah I agree now she has some life after getting that hog out

Lol yea I still got her going. Now she is under the dwarf star light in hopes to get the buds to foxtail to put some xtra weight on. which the buds are putting out more white hairs but havnt started to foxtail but I'm pretty sure the buds are getting fatter they sure are gettn harder so thts gud atleast lol. I figure I'll jus let her keep going till I need the room for my HB girls lol.

That looks amazing

Thanx man I appreciate the kind words.

I figured I'd do an update on my organic garden outside in the greenhouse. Man I got one of my Afrodite clones jus a tad shorter then I am an I'm 6,4. So she is about 6 feet tall and they havent even started flowering yet lmao. Man these girls are guna be fuken huge well they already are but u no what I'm saying lol.

Here is a full family shot of the outdoor greenhouse garden.

These 2 bushes in front are Blue OG clones.

This is my Grapefruit OG clone.

This is my giant 6 foot tall Afrodite clone I got going right now. She is almost to the top of the greenhouse and she hasnt even started to flower yet. So I think I'm guna be in trouble when these bitches hit flower an start to get there stretch on. I definitely guna have some supercropping in order for these big girls. I think I'll do some on the tallest 2 girls out there 2night the afrodite and one of my GSC clones out there.

Then here we got the GSC clones a front shot it's the one in front the one in back right corner is the afrodite. I need to give the girls a feeding some of them are looking alil sad. I wanted to wait till it cooled down alil bit outside. I was outside yesterday and 2day working in the garden doing plowing n shit. Well I think I got a heat stroke cause I started puking 2day an have like 4 times. An everytime I go outside in the sun I feel like I'm guna puke. So waiting till it goes down then I'll go an feed the girls lol.

Then here is a back side view of the GSC clones

And then one more of the 6foot Afrodite.

Yeah I agree now she has some life after getting that hog out

Ok bro so here is the stunted Bluedream auto. The one that was with the giant Pineapple Express auto. well I needed room in the veg area to upsize my HB plants so i harvested the BD auto. Here she is an man does she jus reek to high heaven an back lmao. Plus she is some of the stickiest bud I've had in awhile. I dont think she will be quite a full ounce but definitely more then a half oz. Idk maybe I'll get lucky an it does come in at an oz or over but I'm not expecting it lol. Well here she is :laugh:.

Looking killer in here pineapple is a tru winner for me one of my fav

Hell yea bro I love this strain for yield an potency. Not to mention she tastes pretty good as well :laugh:. I'm glad I used it in one of my crosses I think it will be a good one once I dial it in. A bluedream pineapple would be tastey n I think I already did a c4 pineapple cross but either way they all are good lol.
N there she goes c4 n pineapple
N there she goes c4 n pineapple

Hmmm looks tastey lol. Man tht breeder sure picked some good strains i wonder who that is wink wink hahahaha :rofl:. Shit bro that bud sure is sparkly congrats man. What did u get for a yield off her?
Not crazy numbers but quality is there

Yea I had that same issue lol. Not tht it's bad really some strains jus dnt have tons of yield. Altho I have started noticing that ones tht have slightly smaller yields to low yields can sometimes be super potent lol. So I watch out for the small guys well sometimes I usually want big yielders but every now an then I'll sacrifice some yield so I get some really good buds. An tht c4 is a really good tasting smoke an the high ain't bad either lol.
Hells no love the smoke I agree the really good ones tend to not yield crazy but in dwc there are monsters

Lol no shit right Haha. That's one reason I miss dwc. Altho with this quality I will never give up docs kit this stuff is crazy good weed lol
I agree those buds look sweet

Oh yeah I'm jus about to update my HB journal an man finally my indoor garden is down to my last 2 normal plants otherwise everything is planted and in final pots so they can get huge an flower out beautifully for me lol.
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