Blaze's Cannabis Corner: Dyna-Gro 2018, StrawberryCake & Many More

Here are the outdoor girls. Blue OG clones hitting flower and the Grapefruit OG already in flower and the Afrodite is makn some good flowers as well here they all are.

Here is my Afrodite i mislabeled the pics lol. So even tho it says its a blue og its an Afrodite having some weirdness to a few buds but most look good.

Then here we got my Blue OG clones starting to hit flower.

Then here is the Grapefruit OG in full on flower mode.

Here we got the flower tent in action. This is the whole family in flower rite now. In back the big bitch is the GSC clone the tall bushy pheno. She sure is a wide one now I opened her up n tied her off to the bamboo posts. She seems like she will stack some nice colas and is under my new QB light so should make some good buds.

GSC clone shorter pheno.

Then here we got my Michka also under a QB light but the small one. She is actually under there with the other shorter GSC clone.

And here last but certainly not least lol is my Blue OG under the growant led light. She seeming like she guna be a fairly good yielder. As long as the colas fatten up which I'm sure they will. She made some nice lookn colas specially nw I got her opened up she should do pretty good.

Then here is the Pineapple Express Auto I jus harvested she came in at 6.14 ounces dried. So I'm very happy with that 2 bad I didnt get the full half pound I was thinkn. But 2 zips shy of a half pound off a plant tht only took alil over 2 months to grow like 2.5 months or so. But yea I was very happy nonetheless lol.

Then jus thought I'd throw it in here lol my non420 garden. The solid purple are purple basil and the stalk to the left is a sweet purple bell peppers. I also got a gooseberry and a jostaberry plant goin. Also 2 small 2 be seen but there is some strawberries going as well. This is jus my small outdoor living organic garden. I got this one out front the big main garden is out back. So decided had to get alil color in the front lol.

I put purple basil in and the whole lot died. My green powered. I do love a good herb garden. Takes cooking to the next level.
Ok so here are the outdoor girls now. An some of them are well over 6 feet tall. I got some major beasts growing on out here that's for sure lol. The big ones are GSC and Afrodite clones. And one might be a female ultradog atleast I hope so lol. If it's one of my other clones it's weird cause it's not growing or looking like any of the others b4 it. I lost the tag tht was on it so idk what it is lol but it sure does look like the ultradogs did. Only thing is I thought those were all Male an I think this one might be female so maybe I had one of them wrong an this is a female ultradog. Atleast I hope so lol either way I'll be keeping my eyes on that one incase it is Male. And first sign of ball sac out it goes to the compost hole lol.

Then just cause I wanted to show them off lol. Here is my outdoor non420 veggie garden. Purple Basil, Purple Sweet Bell Peppers, a Jostaberry or Gooseberry fruit tree, and some strawberries. I love the purple basil's they got lil flowers starting and they are deep dark purple with green outlines on the edge it's a very beautiful veggie plant. An one of the coolest looking plants I've ever had in my veggie gardens b4 lol.

You really like rubbing in the fact you can grow purple basil and I can’t aye?

You really like rubbing in the fact you can grow purple basil and I can’t aye?


Lol oh man this is such an old thread lol but yea if its the ones im thinking of then i did a highbrix organic garden n man they turned out great lol. But yea im guna be getting back to the highbrix growing again soon. In the next fea weeks anyway lol.
Please pardon the intrusion, maybe you and/or your followers might be interested :cheer:

If so, please apply in the comparative grow thread, as I won't be responding to replies here :thanks:

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