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Well good luck to your grow anyways man , just giving a friendly word of advice, love the love for cannabis fuck the government, #free420
Lol for serious brotha rite there with ya n yea man thanx for the kind words its u guys on here tht keep me moving forward in this plus its like my passion i just absolutely love everything to do with marijuana lol


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k so update time for my electric fruit auto she is coming at 36 days old and jus got a mix of veg and flower nutes and I gave alil of trinity bio catalyst which was designed for maxium effect as a plant and rhizosphere catalyst so for being stunted again I got a stunter but for being short she is starting to smell really nice she is the 1 I am using my bottle nutes on the other is jus teas an ro water but yea I cant wait for my red poison and dark devil autos to show up cause ill be using my 3gal cloth pots I ordered well ill use em once they show up as well lamo :19: anyway day 36 electric fruit auto here she is


and here is my blueberry auto she is coming in at 22 days old I did notice she got slowed down for about 2 r 3 days wen I transplanted her but then again I did use some mykos in the hole so maybe she was jus building roots and she mite turn into a monster lol solets hope so anyway here she is

lol sry for the photo bomb thts my fig tree kinda sticking in there she getting alil unruly she is about to be going outside soon into the orchard but for now she is under the leds and the t8s but yea those r the 2 autos I got going right now and I also gave every1 a shot of coconutwater and blueberry will be getting some malted grain tea today which concists of malted barley, buckwheat, an malted corn


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k so I moved shit around in the grow room today and got the veg tent out in the living room by the veg table and I movedone of the photo girls into flower so I had room freed up in the veg tent so I moved blueberry auto in the tent under the big leds and the cob light so we will hopefully start to see some massive improvements with her and hopefully not another stunted one but if not its kinda ok since I have 6 more auto seeds arriving shortly in the mail 3 red poison and 3 dark devil but hopefully my blueberry don't stunt anyway here is a shot from the tent entrance


up next we have my blueberry auto as of sunday the 14th she is 24 days old in the pic I took it earlier 2day but now its almost Monday lol anyway here she is


and then we got a few nice shots of electric fruit auto she is 38 days old in the pics as of sunday here she is in all her glory


hope every1 enjoys the pic updates they will be getting abit more colorful as soon as my new order of seeds arrive cause I have my 2 new auto strains I purchased to add to my auto grow red poison and dark devil get some gud colors goin then man I cant wait not to mention the taste omg I'm so excited lol


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k so I'm trying this new training tech. ponytailing I started on one of my photos well I'm doing it on one of my autos the blueberry auto ive been ponytailing here she is


she will be getting like 5 hours of ponytailing everyother night :Namaste:


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I've never done actual pony tailing but I have used pipe cleaners to fold up bigass fan leaves on my autos. I figured it stopped me from having to pull the leaves and bother the plant. Worked good for me. Hope this works good for u buddy

yea thts pretty much the same thing kinda ina shell anyway lol but yea I hope it works out to :19: anyway here is some more ponytailing I did on e/fruit I did a side branch today to open up 3 bud areas on here man she starting to look really nice other then being stunted those buds are rock hard already if she wudnt have been stunted omg those buds wud be nice I think I mite tryn find the strain and buy some of these this was one of my freebie seeds and well she turnd out really nice but short lol anyway here she is during training shes workn up a sweat with all tht training lol



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and then we got my blueberry she I believe is another fuking stunt man idk why but if she does it tht will be every auto ive ever grown stunted on me altho ive only grown 4 b4 in my whole life and 2 of which r right here lol so yea idk if she does tht will have meant every bean from dutch passion stunted on me all the blueberrys anyway except this last one if she does is prolly my fault since I had to move her up a pot to the final home she is in now it slowed her down for about 3 days but she was so young the stop growing on top and start growing roots so idk she mite surprise me and not be a stunter I jus thought if they start to make a preflower then they don't get much taller after that??? or I cud be wrong I'm jus going on personal exp. which isn't much lol anyway here is my blueberry auto with training pics I'm also ponytailing her as well here she is working up a sweat to lol




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It's like the blueberry gods are against you dude
Lol for real man wtf i give em nuthn but love n this is how they repay me lol its my fault tho really i shud have done way mre research on auto growing like i did for my photo girls cause i made alot of typical rookie mostakes n thts prolly what led to my girls always beeing stunted but my nex batch of autos will be in cloth pots and they will go straight from cracked seed to final 3 gal cloth pot


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k so now finally the games can continue ive been slowly starting them with the blue berry auto and my electric fruit auto but now the big girls have shown up red poison auto and dark devil auto both auto fem seeds but first things first an update with the autos I have going right now under a 1200w cob light its also my veg tent for my photos but anyway up first my auto blueberry by dutch passion every1 of these seeds stunted on me but here she is none the less blueberry auto 32 days old


and up next my shorty but man is tht cola fukn the hardest nugget ive ever seen even fresh it barley will crush dwn wen I squeeze it I don't wana keep doing it but I gave it one gud squeeze last night and it didn't even budge its the densest shit Ive ever grown I will be lookn for it again u can bet on tht so I can get a couple more or see an find out if they got a photo version of it and it smells great too I cant wait for harvest of her but yea here she is with out further delay electric fruit auto 46 days old


and now for my upcoming arsenal I got red poison auto and I got dark devil auto and they are both 4pack auto fem seeds here they are



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k so 2day I gave electric fruit 2 ana half cups of flower mix from roots organic bottle nutes and man she is doing really nice for being stunted I have a feeling by the tyme I'm done with her and she is ready for the chop shop she will be almost solid bud lol I cant believe how hard and dense this bud I cud only imagine a full size plant of this strain really nice yielder I bet anyway I hope she self pollinates so I get a few seeds back of her tht wud be cool actually since I really wana keep this strain but yea here she is e-fruit auto day 47 from the day it popped above ground


nice lookn buds and hopefully they only get better lol I wud like to see alil more frost tho I really wana give her some malted grains but I'm doing an experiment and tht wud compromise tht since one of my autos the E-fruit I'm doing only bottle nutes and the other blueberry auto I'm doing los mix and teas n foilers but yea here is my blueberry auto 33 days from popped above ground



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ok so i wanted to do an update and show the blueberry auto is starting to make some nice little buds lol here she is 35 days old and I'm positive I got another stunter on my hands lol anyway here she is




and here is my electric fruit auto the buds on here are really starting to thickn up now and the smell is amazing like a sharp pungent fruity kinda smell like it almost stings the nostril with sour attributes hiden in the sharp part of the smell like if u take a deep inhale threw the nose and really try and sift threw all the smells u get something kinda sour but whatever it is me likey long time :19: I only wish I stoped growing these ddam stunted girls lol anyway here she is at 49 days old






even tho my e-fruit is starting to plump out I really wana see wat an auto wud look like fully grown well ive seen them I jus wana grow one lol so with some cloth pots and this new mighty grow nutrients I'm guna use and do a sponsored grow journal with I hope to achieve some monsters and I picked out some amazing strains to do it with if I say so myself dark devil and red poison both will be done in the journal and I will be using 3 gallon cloth pots from the start so hopefully within the next week my mighty grow stuff will arrive and this weekend I'm going down to the hydro shop and guna buy some cloth pots and a bag of sunshine mix #4 bag soil to do my new journal for the sponsor and member every1 keep it green and stay frosty friends :Namaste:


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Funny u should mention the cloth pots. All I've used so far are different size cloth pots but I was thinking of changing for mighty grow. I read in the instructions that the soil shouldnt get too dry. My cloth pots always get dry around the edges, that's kinda the point I guess. What do u think?
Yea i thought about that as well so i came to the conclusion to put all my cloth pots in a tote like deal so wen the water evaporates out it will cling to the side walls alil an maybe dry out less often is my hope anyway lol


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Your outside the box thought is to put them inside the box. I dig it.

ok so here is my electric fruit and now I gave her an alfalfa tea shot yesterday lol jus to see if we cant bulk her up alil more so today I noticed just a few white hairs still so new growth is coming but I'm guna wait another 2 or 3 days to see if I don't end up seeing mre white pistals forming if I do then I will keep her going if I don't at the end off three days then I will be putting her into my grow room bathroom where it is totally dark and I will keep her in there for like 72hours and see if tht don't help make her alil more frosty or bulk up the buds some but here she is at 51 days old








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ok so I put electric fruit auto to the chop block tonite 59 days old I prolly could have let her go a little bit longer but I needed the room and she was almost all cloudy for her triches not a lot of amber she just started to show amber actually so I figured cut her down well here she is b4 I cut her down




and here she is after I gave her a super hair cut right b4 I chopped her down completely







and here is after the wash right b4 I hung her up to dry


hope every1 enjoyed the bud porn from my autos I'm starting to get better and better yields as I'm learning to grow autos I cant wait for my dark devil and red poison autos to start to grow buds lol I already cant wait ad they havnt even popped out of the soil yet lol anyway member keep it green and stay frosty my friends :Namaste:
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