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Blaze's Orgasmic Organics Auto Run 2017 Perpetual Any All Strains


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here is the last hopefully atleast for alil bit I hope lol stunted autos I have right now my last blueberry she is 46 days old hopefully she turns out as nice as my last shorty lol I just harvested cause my electric fruit looks to be about a half ounce and if I can pull another half atleast off this blueberry then I wont be as disappointed lol but still I'm hoping for way better now that I got some gud auto seeds from sweet seeds so with out further delay here is alil bud porn my blueberry auto



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ok so with just 3 days hanging up on the dry rack and it came back with a weigh in and she came in at 34.5 grams now I no that will drop since she has some more drying to do but even if she loses another 6.5 grams ill still end up with a full zip so way more then what I figured it would be lol those r some dense ass nuggets depending how the high is wen I try it out after cure and ready to smoke I mite end up getting some electric fruit auto seeds again an keep this strain in my auto arsenal along with dark devil and depending how I like red poison maybe that one as well but ive never grew those 2 b4 so I wont know till after this auto harvest but yea here is a pic of 34.5 n member that is only with 3 days hanging up and today I opend the room she is hanging in up alil more so that it wud get more air flow in there and not mold that 1 big ass bud lol anyway here it is an member if no pic it never happened lol



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k so I got my new perfect sun the dwarf star by black diamond leds and I put it up in the auto tent which is also my veg tent right now for 2 of my photos as well but yea here is the dwarf star in the tent and I took down the 1200 w cob light and put it up in my flower tent but yea here she is the dwarf star only 230w and will do just as good as a 400 w hps if not better they say so hopefully it gives my new autos the dark devils and the red poison n my one blueberry that is going now big frosty dense buds like they say the light will do n if it can make me some monster bushes for my veging photo girls then I'm all for it here she is



yea I put the 1200w cob light in the flower tent and depending how good the dwarf star really works the nex 2weeks will let me now enuf on my blueberry that if it made a gud noticeable improvement ill get another one to put in my flower tent so I cud take down the 4 lil 150w mars hydro cubes cause they generate a lot of heat and plus I think it wud be even less amps on the breaker so that wud even save me alil money as well but yea I'm trying to go for the best lighting setup I can get and its looking like the perfect sun cob light will be what I really want but I didn't have 900 bucks to drop to get it lol but its from the people who make my dwarf star black diamond so I'm pretty sure it will be amazing and plus its already built and from the videos ive watched of people using the perfect sun led lights and one video with the cob light all of them where getting jus FAT DENSE frosty as all hell buds and it kept the heat down and that's an issue I'm having over here is regulating the heat and trying to keep it kool so that is a big reason I'm wanting to switch up lights cause if I can bring down my 4 lil 150w cubes that will take a lot of heat with it which will be great lol


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ok so here is an update of my newest autos first we got my red poison auto she is 3 and a half days old


then we have my dark devil autos oh and I want to point out that I put all my autos into atleast 3 gallon pots cloth or otherwise so here is both my dark devils in there 3 gallon cloth pots



and here we have my blue berry auto she is 49 and a half days old I think she will be prolly my biggest yielder as 4 autos cause she has awhile to go still almost all her triches are still clear so by the time they all turn cloudy I bet the buds will be giant lol well giant for her being stunted that is I really wish I would have been able to get atleast one of the blueberries to grow like a normal size one and give me a huge yield but ahh well its ok I bet ill still get over an ounce dry so that's good with me anyway here she is





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ok so for an update on my blueberry she is 56 days old now and the triches are lookn almost all cloudy still no amber tho so I'm letting her go alil mre to see if she will put out any more pistals an to let her go alil bit of amber b4 I chop her anyway here she is











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Ok so i have a small issue with running out of auto seeds n well i dnt wana keep having to buy them n if they stunt on me i dnt get very big yields so im guna try using some colloidal silver and make my own auto seeds the first one i will be trying is my dark devil auto and then my next seed run will be red poison those are my two auto strains i have right now and dont want to lose the strains with out getting some beans from them first so wish me luck every1 n hope this seed run works out 4me an im successful


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I've been wondering about doin that. I hope it works out!

thanx man but yea I lied lol the first seed run will be with a red poison I went to go germ another seed and I only had 2 dda and 3 red poison so I figured since I really want the dda to work I'm guna save those seeds till I get some good colloidal silver this stuff was just in my mas health/herb box non 420 herbs lol but yea since I had one more red p. I figured id try it out on her first and hope it works out well the first red poison I have going is 15 days old and I jus topped her alil bit ago I was so nervous doing it the last few times ive tried topping the plant stunted on mebut I feel I have better genetics for one and alil better info on growing autos so I'm alil more prepared this time so I hope it works out and I get a nice fat monster out of this girl or at the very least my next one I got trying to pop above ground right now makes it and makes me abunch of good pollen I can use anyway here she is day 15 just topped the first pic shows the part I clipped off I used a razor and my finger nail jus put my nail on one side and pushed the razor threw till it snapped the lil head off the second pic is her with her new hair cut wish me luck guys my last few topping attemps didn't go so smooth but lets hope with better genetics things go better




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here is my blueberry auto day 62 and I wud say 93% cloudy and 5% clear and 2% amber triches on her I was guna let her keep going since I keep seeing new pistals forming on her but since I'm needing the space anyway and I doubt ill get any more weight out of her well not that much anyway not to justify keeping her wen I cud use that space to help my perpetual grow stay on track anyway here is alil blueberry bud porn












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So i took my blueberry n put it in complete darkness for 2 days and wen i went to look at her she had a bunch of new white pistals so i threw her back in the veg tent to see if she will bulk up any more if i dont see any more new pistals today when i go turn lights on then i will be putn her to the chop shop


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ok so here we got my blueberry auto jus went threw the chop an wash shop here she is 65 days old alil bit of blueberry bud porn enjoy












ok so at the end of day 62 I put her into complet darkness and that brought out some more frost on her and got her to bulk up the buds as well not a huge amount but any xtra is a gud thing right an wen I brought her out after 2 days I put her back in the tent under the perfect sun the dwarf star for another day and after today I didn't see any more pistal growth so I decided to chop her down and give her a bath and now got her hung up with a fan blowing air around so ina few days she will be ready to fully trim up and then if need be hang back up or add to the jar but yea thanx every1 for there help in getting another 1 down and made threw till harvest :Namaste:

ps I almost forgot to mention that being a blueberry I was surprised to see pink and reds in some of my buds specially the top cola bud was almost all pink red and purple idk but this has def. been the most colorful plant ive ever grown to bad she stunted on me well with my new seed making adventure I hope to snag some of the reds, pinks, blues, and purple traits and add them to some of my photos and some autos to and get some really beautiful plants goin man I cant wait lol


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They look lovely can't wait to pop my blueberry's in

Yea they are great take ur time with them and they will reward u that for sure if I had the time and space I wuda kept mine going alil longer but still great meds

I have one 20 days in but is going slooow.

Yea if I can wait as long as possible for her trust me its worth it if I cuda I did have went alil longer but I needed the space so Thts wwhy she got the chop but yea wait n she will reward u with some gud smoke thats for sure and I notice the cure takes at least a week b4 tht grassy hay smell is fully gone at least for mine maybe not so long right away if u grow longer idk but mine is coming up on a week now and that grassy smell is almost gone to be replaced with a fruity berry smell very nice here is my red poison auto I'll be reversing with cs treatments


And then we got my other red poison I topped and is jus starting flowering some nice buds And u can even see some reddish purple guna be happening I'm so excited I can't wait to see how good she ends up


And then we got my dark devil auto also showing some purplish coloring these are my first red poison and dark devils so I hope to get some nice pollen and use that on my photos to create some red and purple fast and regular photos I can't wait it will be really fun



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Ok so this is my red poison auto tht I am doing my seed run with using cs to reverse her and the other day I noticed she is sprouting a banana so lets hope we get some good pollen off her I am germinating another red poison auto seed right now tht will be going into a five gallon bucket and hopefully she makes a big plant and not a stunted one lol



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Congrats on the nanner! On another note my man, I just started a journal and I'm going to try to do an auto with my leftover MGO. Sam said you're the only one he knows of ever trying that before, so you're literally the best back up I could have. If you get bored come check it out, it's the pineapple express journal. Keep up the good work, that red poison looks delicious! ✌
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