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Ok guys this is a sponsored journal by Canna Pot for the strain Michka. I just wanted to start this journal off by saying thanx to Canna Pot for offering me this chance. They have great customer service and some great strains to offer so if u wana get some good quality genetics they are a great spot to go to.

Here is the seeds and packaging that i got from them.


Here is the strain ill be growing an the package the seeds came in.



also to throw in there even tho i didnt purchase these seeds Canna Pot still gave me some freebies some girlscout cookies bonus ape origin yay.


Now up first we got Michka #1 that i will be doing hempy style with a.n. ph perfect nutes. Here she is jus popped above the perlite on 12-1-17


Then at about a week old here she is.


And now here she is at 12 days old.


Ill be doing another seed that i will be growing in soil to see the difference in speed of growth and over all profile of the meds come harvest after a nice cure.
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Hey man glad to have u here. Hopefully I can get these girls to produce some good yields. I wana start pulling more of those atleast 3 to 5 oz plants. I'm on the quest to find the best method of growing that fits my life style but is able 2 produce the biggest yields. So far it's been with soil, and mighty grow organic ferts. But with my back being so shity its getting hard to lug around huge pots of soil. Especially with a giant plant/tree in the pot as well lol.
k so here is an update of michka #1 i uppotted her into a 1gal. pitcher that i converted hempy style. Only thing is ill be taping it up black so light dont get in i thought i had some but i didnt. So now i gotta run into town and get some later 2day so here she is as she stands now.

Ok so got another michka girl done soaking in the water. Now she is in a perlite cup. And once she gets like 4 or 5 nodes and thats 4 or 5 after i top her ill transplant her to a soil mix of some sort lol i haven't made up my mind which way in soil that I wana grow her in. I have been mulling it over getting an octopot i watched pigeons 420 on you tube use one and have great success. But yea any ideas please speak up n let me know thank you. :Namaste:.
Subbing to this grow, cant wait to see how it turns out.
Glad to have u along for the ride bro its sure to be a good one i jus got michka #2 popped above perlite now so after she gets a few leaves and like 2 or 3 nodes ill transplant her into a 1 gal. With some sunshine mix #4 in it for about 6weeks r so then into her final home of a 5 gallon hd bucket or if i have found mine or buy some new1s i mite do a 7 or 10 gallon cloth pot.
Okay so here's another update Mika number 2 is above ground now. After a little while about 3 weeks or so in the Perlite I'll transfer her into soil but so far here she is.


And here's Mika number one now still doing Hydro hempy Style with her.

Ok so i found a pic of michka #1 when she was first starting out b4 i fimmed her and she was a thin girl but now u can see she is starting to pack on alil gerth lol here is a b4 pic


and then here she is now after alil bit of training and growing up alil bit lol she is now 32 days old



then we got michka #2 now up and above ground and she is 14 days old



So thats my start so far i cant wait to see how these girls turn out it has me pretty excited!! I think ill do instead of soil for michka #2 since ill be ordering a dwc bucket tonite from amazon i think ill put her in that and ill be using ph perfect nutes from a.n. the same as my hempy girls which is what michka #1 is getting well #2 is also now just last night i started all my seedlings out with a 1/4 dose so about a 1/4 ml of grow an bloom per gal. of RO water. And then between 1/2 and 3/4 dose so about 1/2 to 3/4 ml of micro per gal. of RO water. Ill continue that for the next 3 feedings. So it ends up about a week. Since i do feedings every 2days cause hempy is essentially drain to waste growing or fill to waste lol whatever the term is. It means nutes sit in below the hole on my growing bucket as it rises up and evaporates out whatever didnt get eaten up by the plant. So far all my girls must be hungery lil piggies lol. Cause its always dry when i go to feed them. Its not till i used the 5 gal. bucket on accident and made a hempy bucket out of it that i started having left over just alil bit when i would go to feed. So yeah the next week will be using that amount then ill increase it alil bit to 3/4 ml of grow and bloom per gallon of RO water and a full 1ml micro per gal. of RO water.
I really need to try hempy it's one thing I haven't done yet.
Lol they need to put the buttons farther apart for the like and thanx i think like should be on one side thanx on the other i always hit the thanx button either thinkn its the like button quick only to relize i already hit the like n now i jus thanked sum1 lol but yea its fun to grow different styles some times I havnt tried my hand at dwc so figured id give it a shot and ordered a dwc bucket from amazon last night and then I won the vaults Christmas promo for a shit ton of free auto beans i got like 50 beans coming lmao so im guna go crazy hydro with autos for alil bit lol and see how good i can do.
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