Blazing A Trail Through A Soil/Coco Setup - Alien Kush/Blue Dream/Mystery Seed - 2016


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K so I figured I'd do a second journal to show my soil attempt tht way I keep my other journal which has my hydro setup in it seperate from these but yea here goes.

Growing medium - a soil mix of nitro bat guano,happy frog soil,perlite, an coco coir.

Lighting - a mars hydro led box cube full spectrum it does both veg and flowering its the MZ -300-60LED true watts is 140w+5%

Light schedule - 18 hours on and 6 hours off during veg state and 12/12 during flower stage.

Nutrients - fox farm brand are as follows tiger bloom, big bloom, grow big, kangaroots, microbe brew, sledgehammer, boomerang, flowers kiss, bembe, open sesame, beastie bloomz, cha ching and I also use ro water with cal-mag mixed in n ph'd every time b4 feeding, I will also b adding the super tea brew to my regime 2 help boost microbial content. I will have brewd my super tea for 2 days by the time I get back 2 the grow site 2morrow.

Strains - alien kush, bluedream, and mystery bag seeds and one put back into veg stage from flower stage - I had 6 alien kush seeds 5 gud lookn ones and one premature one but only 4 popped tap roots wen I germinated them in paper towel in a Ziploc baggie ina cupboard. I had 3 bluedream seeds and only 2 Kinda popped. one showed a nice tap root and the other jus kinda split open also paper towel baggie method to germinate. And then I took 7 mystery bag seeds n germinated them and only 3 popped tap roots. So I have a grand total Of 9 seedlings and one plant put bak into veg and I also have a cliping from one of my hydro ladies but I took the cliping wen she was in flower stage I didn't no I shud hav done it during veg. But yea I jus clipd it n decided to c if it wud grow roots and start growing n she is startn to come back she has roots showing but it jus keeps going from green to yellow an back n forth green yellow green yellow etc. But now 2day I noticed she is growing more brownish n seeming like she is dieing idk I hope not tho

July 28th germinated blue dream and mystery seeds and put into soil on the 31st.
August 10th germinated alien kush put in soil on the 13th.

Oh yeah and jus to let every1 know tht I did not order these seeds. These seeds came from a grower friend of mine tht had a few left over tht he had been saving and was guna grow them after this harvest he has going so they are not feminized or nuthn


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These r the lovely lil seedlings I have started can't wait 2 find out the sex I hope most of them r females. ohhhh I'm sooo excited lol

This is the on I reput bak into veg stage aftr I realized I put her into flower WAY WAY 2 soon but now she is doin amazing except for alil dotting on lower leaves and she has lite yellowing on tips of new growth

you can see here the dots I was talkn about in the pic above This is the same plant as the one rite above This one




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Those r sum pics about a week Ana half ago r so they r almost a month old except for one of them I actually reput bak into veg stage after I realized I tryd way 2 soon 2 put her into flower n now she is doin amazing


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This is my mars hydro led box full spectrum for veg all the way threw to flower I have one for the veg setup and I have 2 more for wen I switch 2 flowering with one more in case of extra needs or one goes out down the line or whatever so 4 box units total they were only 80 bux each and the specs are as follows
Power consumption:140w




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This is the 1 I put back into veg stage and I also used the super tea mix n added 2 tsp of the tea mix straight into the top soil n mixed it in and the rest of the others I'll be using the tea brew brewd for 2 days so as 2 c which way works better




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Re: Blazing a Trail Through a Soil/Coco Setup - Alien Kush/Blue Dream/Mystery Seed -

Looking good, so far, Brother! :welldone:

For those babies in the clear plastic cups, you should nest those inside the Styrofoam cups or some other opaque container to prevent light from hitting the roots.

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Re: Blazing A Trail Through A Soil/Coco Setup - Alien Kush/Blue Dream/Mystery Seed -

Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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