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had sun bleach the other day

heres the picture of the one leaf

i took this picture whenever i first noticed the leaf discoloration, that was literally the only bit of discoloration on the plant

i realized there was a tiny bit of water pooled on my greenhouse so i suspect the light glared through the water directing a more powerful beam of light on the one leaf

haven't noticed any problems as a result....

AMGrows out :peace:


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Thanks guys was more interested in what the end result of the bleaching was. As hunter said its reduced potency but to what degree and how latein the cycle it must be to have those adverse effects. Here's a sample pic of the bleaching under my 600w coolhood.


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To my knowledge once the buds are formed and then gets bleached it degrades the THC to almost nothing. Just like light degrades thc on cured buds. Light bleaching while growing is just a magnification of this. If the bleaching was done mostly before flowering i believe you will be ok and should have some good potency buds! Just watch them lights! :thumb:


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Just an update on the bleaching... Well buds are coming along nicely the bleaching stopped spreading as soon as I got some distance from the light its all stinky and crystalline. One effect I hadn't counted on was the stress prompted a bit of maph to show I removed all stamen as the developed and it seems like they too have ceased. All now seems to be good but I won't be making that mistake again!
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