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Blind Man's Apartment Cab Grow: Fem NL - Custom LED Panel - 5G Bucket


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Greetings and salutations. Blind man here and this is my first time growing. I have virtually no sight other than hardly useful light perception, so I will be using the eyes of 420mag. I've determined that one of the biggest problems why people have such a hard time is because they aren't using quality materials, e.g. using mg soil, etc etc. If you skimp out, you'll have the end product to show for it. I am on a fixed income, but I've decided to invest the money I do have in quality products, but I've some questions below which need answers before I continue, but more on this later. I'll also add pics later

So here is my setup. I live in a quad, which is basically one room rented out and there are 4 rooms rented per section of building with a kitchen separating both sets of rooms. Each room has a build in closet. This closet has 2 metal doors which fold open and there is a wall outlet on the left hand side. About 5 feet up there is a clothing bar and then a shelf.

I've constructed a cabinet that is 2 feet by 2 feet by 5 feet. I framed it out of dougless fur 2x2s and then used particle board for the sides and doors. I recommend using plywood but I'm cheap. I have yet to buy mylar, but I will be using a Soler and Pallau td100x inline exhaust fan. The intake will be 1.5 times in exhaust, which is 4x4 inches so the intake will be 6x6 inches. The metal folding doors on the closet have vents built into them. This cabinet just barely fits inside my closet to where I can just close the door. These vents will be useful when my AC is on and the intake near the floor pulls in cool air. I will be growing in a 5 gallon black bucket using hydroton clay balls and rock wool. I'll be using 2 micropore airstones as they seem to be the highest quality but correct me if I'm wrong. My light source is a 65W custom LED panel from Bonsai Hero. Most panels on the market today are garbage which is why for several years this guy has perfected as much as possible his panels. There are 3 selectable light settings, seeds, early flower, and flower, 28, 43, and 56W respectively, using only 65W total power consumption. This light puts out as much light as a 90W UFO would. I am only growing for myself so I don't need any crazy setups, I can add some cfl's later if need be but I think in the given space which should be enough. The pannel is 10 by 15 inches and only 1.6 inches thick.

I'll be growing feminized northern lights do to it's low smell profile, I'm only a few thin walls away from my neighbors. It will be a little while before I actually start growing, but here are some questions.

I need to know the best online hydro shop with the best prices. I plan on getting seeds from nervana, but I need to buy a bucket, a lid, net pots, airstones, mylar, a carbon filter etc. I've been thinking of building my own filter is it worth it? I've got $150 available right now and I want to make it go as far as possible. I'm not paying $15 for a black 5 g bucket which is what 've been seeing on hydro shops and amazon...also I know 1 mil mylar rip easily but should I just go with that anyway? iwas just going to buy some double sided tape and then roll the mylar onto the walls. Pics and what not coming up when I can get them taken. Questions are appreciated if there are any

John C

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re: Blind man's apartment cab grow: fem nl, custom led panel, 5g bucket

Alright so an update.

Thanks for the links, I went ahead and ordered a 5 g bucket, lid, mylar, a micropore airstone and a 2 outlet ecoplus air pump - I only got one air stone I didn't know if the pump was too big or if one stone was going to be enough so I ggot the 2 outlet pump and if I need another stone, I'll go ahead and buy one, or maybe one of you guys can tell me definitively I need another one. I made my purchase through Hordiculturalsource.com. Prices seem fair, hope they ship discrete as they say because I have my apt manager deliver my mail to me. While legally there isn't any obligation in the oregon law for me to tell them what I'm doing, I still would like my privacy. I have permission from them already to smoke in my apt which was fairly enlightening to me since I really didn't expect them to say yes, it's ok. But I was up front with them so who knows. So anyway I think I'm looking at another week before all the stuff gets out here, shipping was expensive though, I hope they over charged me and are going to give some back, but $30.84 is steep man. I also bought some vinal black tubing. I was going to buy a water pump as well, but then I heard they heat up the water. I may just be top watering by hand until they get on their feet.....but I'll ask about this more in the future.

So here is another question. I am unable to obviously see the different light/reflecter hangers marketted online, so would anyone have any suggestions for raising and lowering a rectangle pannel? I'm kind of just thinking I would drill a hole through the wood in the top of the box and screw a hook or something and somehow use rope or chains to raise and lower as needed. I can't see this being an expensive situation to figure out. My panel has 4 hooks already on each corner

Also I went with mylar as I've read the emergency blankets while they do work, they aren't as efficient. Could be wrong, but that's what I heard, and besides I'll have extra if I need it. Went with the 2 mm. Buddy is coming over tomorrow to reenforce the cab with some extra 2x2 lying around, and then I'm going to have to wait until after the first to get paid to buy a fan and the carbon filter. Regarding the carbon filter, I noticed I can't find any foothill filters around other than their site and ebay. I can't use ebay because paypal screwed me over, and firefox is telling me Foothill Hydroponics Inc. is an attack site. Ugh.

So anyway, yes, I haven't put pictures up, but I'm going to work on that shortly after putting this post up, be on the look out. There isn't much to see at the moment but I'll just show you the area I've got and the cabinet itself. Hell I might just make a video if I can figure out how to post one.

So questions in summary for this post:

What is a good, easy, inexpensive solution for hanging as well as adjusting my pannel? The pannel is very light

What would be recommended for a simple analog 24 hour timer? It needs to be analog and while I know they are generally cheap, they are very tactile so I can use them.

How large should the intake opening be? I read 1.5 to twice as big, so are my measurements 4x4 out and 6x6 in smart measurements?

What kind of prefilter would be recommended for the intake, which will be passive? I'm thinking 2 metal screens with a prefilter between them, ideas?

Is there a small uninteruptable power supply I can buy? I'm going to mount it to the side of the box, and then plug all my equipment e.g. light, air pump, timer, etc. into it and that way the entire system will be mobile pretty much. The other issue here is the power goes out do to me and my neighbor sometimes tripping the breaker, and I don't want my plants to be without light or air for any period of time.

Lastly regarding my filter and fan. The soler and pallau td-100X fan is $77 on Amazon, and the 4x12 can foothill filter is $54, which together is $131. I have chosen the s and p fan because I've heard it is very very quiet. Is there any chance there might be a fan that is quiet like this but might be a little cheaper?

Yet to buy are the following:

reflecter hanger
carbon filter
NL seeds
General hydroponics 3 part

I've read you can grow without using a ppm meter/ph meter. I'm going to start off with distilled water, so it will have a ppm of 0. If I follow directions and only use a 1/8 of the nutes after the first 2 3 weeks I should be golden. I can't read those devices anyway so why bother, right? I'm only going to be deal with a 5 gallon bucket, it's not like it's going to be a big res, and most likely it'll only be about 3 gallons of water I'm dealing with at any one given time. Dump the old down the toilet/tub, fill the bucket up with 3 gallons of fresh water, add the nutes, stirr, wait a few minutes and then add the plant back, boom. I plan to keep the bucket clean daily if not every time I open it up.

Speaking of which when I take the lid off, which will have the plan on it, do I need to stick the plan in another bucket? I ask because the roots cannot be exposed to light and I don't want to shut the light off while I'm messing with the nutes and water, so do I need to get another bucket? I've got another bucket but I use it for mopping and the plant would only be sitting on it for a few minutes, but I also know the plants like the 15 minutes of fresh air. What are the thoughts here?

Ok, enough yapping, lets get to snapping :)
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re: Blind man's apartment cab grow: fem nl, custom led panel, 5g bucket

ok I have having much difficulty uploading images and using the ing tag isn't working to load outside images on my own server. hmmmmmmmm, and doing this with screen reading software is a pain.......there's a reason why I produce music and not pictures lol.
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re: Blind man's apartment cab grow: fem nl, custom led panel, 5g bucket


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i use eye hooks and a a cheap Carabiner D-Ring Key Chain with light weight chain to manage my light heights. you could also use rope ratchets or yoyo light hangers for the same purpose. you want a 4 inch inline fan to match the 4 inch carbon filter you have selected. i use a heavy duty block heater timer for my lights. i use General hydroponics Flora series nutrients myself but many members use Blue Planet Nutrients as Corey is a member here on the forums and usually is quick to answer any questions. to run a passive intake you want it twice the surface area as your extractor fan. i built a light baffle for my passive intake system. you can either use a furnace filter or quilt batting for a pre filter. i am not sure how many amps per hour and how long you can draw from a uninterruptable power supply, i have wondered that for a low power system to keep hydroponic pumps running.

here is the Diy Light Baffle i used


https://www.google.com search Carabiner D Ring Key Chain

https://www.google.com search rope ratchet light hanger

https://www.google.com search yoyo light hangers

https://www.google.com search 4 inch inline fan

Amazon.com: Woods 59382 15-Amp 3-Prong Outdoor Heavy Duty Timer: Home Improvement

https://www.google.com search uninteruptable power supply


Blue Planet Nutrients


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Thanks guys.

So I've heard awesome things about BPN, but are those hydro nutes or are tehy soil nutes? I think I may stick with gh 3 part, but may heavily consider bpn if they have hydro nutes.

So today I went out and got an I hook, with some chains, they had different samples of chains hanging down and I chose a chain and got 2 16 inch pieces of chain, and then got 4 S hooks and then another double hook that can be twisted and untwisted to raise or lower the light but only by a few inches. I'm thinking I may not need to lower the light but I could be wrong.

Today I also got my A/C installed bringing temps down, I got my 5 gallon bucket, mylar, my airstone which it looks like I'll need 2 of them unless one will be fine for a 5 gallon bucket, and then of course some foil tape (that shit is expensive) but at least it doesn't stick to itself.

I still need to buy a timer, thanks for the recommendation for that, and I need to get my fan and filter.

Question: do home made diy carbon filters opperate the same way as any store bought one would? I mean, will it be as efective? That's the only thing stopping me really from building my own is that I don't feel it'd be as efficient as a premade one.

As for a UPS I saw several 4 and 6 outlet ones for $40 to $60. With the low energy equipment plugged into it, I don't think I'll need to worry about it running out before I can get to it.

I'll keep folks posted on here as time goes on, I hope to get this show on the road shortly. STill waiting on my bucket lid and vinal tubing to show up.

And sorry about the duplicate pics...so much for not being able to see what you're doing.


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Thanks guys.

So I've heard awesome things about BPN, but are those hydro nutes or are tehy soil nutes? I think I may stick with gh 3 part, but may heavily consider bpn if they have hydro nutes.

So today I went out and got an I hook, with some chains, they had different samples of chains hanging down and I chose a chain and got 2 16 inch pieces of chain, and then got 4 S hooks and then another double hook that can be twisted and untwisted to raise or lower the light but only by a few inches. I'm thinking I may not need to lower the light but I could be wrong.

Today I also got my A/C installed bringing temps down, I got my 5 gallon bucket, mylar, my airstone which it looks like I'll need 2 of them unless one will be fine for a 5 gallon bucket, and then of course some foil tape (that shit is expensive) but at least it doesn't stick to itself.

I still need to buy a timer, thanks for the recommendation for that, and I need to get my fan and filter.

Question: do home made diy carbon filters opperate the same way as any store bought one would? I mean, will it be as efective? That's the only thing stopping me really from building my own is that I don't feel it'd be as efficient as a premade one.

As for a UPS I saw several 4 and 6 outlet ones for $40 to $60. With the low energy equipment plugged into it, I don't think I'll need to worry about it running out before I can get to it.

I'll keep folks posted on here as time goes on, I hope to get this show on the road shortly. STill waiting on my bucket lid and vinal tubing to show up.

And sorry about the duplicate pics...so much for not being able to see what you're doing.

Hello BG,
I'm using BPN in a soil grow and so far I'm really happy with them.(They are for hydro too.)They are the first nutes I've ever used except for stuff like miracle grow.Don't know what your budget is like but you get a lot of nutes for the price!
The company is excellent and delivery is fast.I'll be using what I have for quite awhile.
As for the carbon scrubber Amazon has some good deals.The one I purchased has Australian virgin charcoal and good reviews.I got it for about $75 w/shipping.Too lazy to build one and the fact I wanted one I could rely on without having to figure out how to build one and hope.
I wanted a UPS as well but my budget didn't allow for a quality unit so I just got quality power strips.About $40 for two.
That's my two cents,have a great day and can't wait to see your final set up!:peace: (subbed)


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Hey guys. So I received my mylar as I said and I took a look at it and as my name implies, I"m blind. but I am able to see a little light and I was on the phone with a buddy and he didn't know the answer to this questions. The roll of mylar seems to be shiny on both sides, but the inside of the mylar seems to be far more mirror like/shiny than the outside, which is shiny, but more dull, like metalic. What side should be facing the plants? I don't want to use the shiny shiny side and have it burn holes in my plants like tin foil would. Any suggestions here? Tonight I was bored so after my buddy put in the cross members, I lined the entire frame with metalic tape. The metalic tape has the same shininess as the inside of the mylar. (you can feel the difference as well as see it.)

Might be making a little money today so I'll order up the fan and filter and then I'll be set to cut the holes in the box. UPS's seem to be $40 and up.

Also would computer fans be fine for just pushing air around the box for circulation or should I use a higher quality box fan of sorts? If I can use them, how many would be recommended, and placed where in the box? I'm assuming one for each side.

I know it's not necessary, but what do you guys think about a water pump? It'll make the plants jump start wayyyyyy faster, and if not, how often do I need to top feed the plants a day?

Thanks a million!

Updates soon, just need to get the show on the road...stay tuned.


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Alrighty. So Wednesday I ordered up my S and P td-100 fan, should be here this coming Wednesday. For the life of me I cannot get this lid on this bucket, not strong enough so I'm going to see if I can return it to hs. I ordered up a lid with a 6" netpot already in it. Ordered up a second micropore airstone - I did some reading on these and some folks are saying it create back pressure, and I'm using a dual outlet ecoplus 2.....difficult fishing through all the reviews online, I am hearing everything from good things to eco pumps are loud and burn up easily. I'll be using 2 micro pores, any positive/negative comments on this air delivery setup?

Is it recommended to grow anymore than 1 plant per bucket?

I'm looking on amazon for a good 24 hour timer, and everything I'm looking at reviews for are just awful. Does anyone have suggestions on a good reliable timer?

Foothill's site still is being blocked by google, still undecided whether to build or buy a filter..

This coming week I'll order up some more stuff, hydroton, any good deals on hydroton? I have rock wool on my wish list on amazon, just need a ups, found one, hydroton, rockwool, seeds, circulaion fan, carbon filter, ph up/down and I may need to buy a ph meter....oh and nutes gh 3 part which btw, how long will the $35 pint 3 part last me? i'm guessing a while, but I'm not sure if the nutes go bad after a certain period of time. How do the nutes need to be stored?

A quick question about measuring nutes - I'm assuming that in a 5 gallong bucket, I'll only be using 3 gallons of nutes. So that being said, won't I be burning through nutes like crazy once I'm well into flowering stage? I'm reading the plant can drink up to a gallon of water a day, that's a lot. My question is, what would be the best way of measuring out nutes for someone who can't see? Should I pure some into a glass and then suck it out with a suringe? While doing this, I'd have someone on skype who is able to see my cam and suringe while I do this so I'm able to measure out the currect dosage. Any thoughts would be great here. They might make accessible measuring equipment, I'll have to check...

Thanks for all the input, and stay tuned.

Also some of you might be interested in this guy's mother plant led panel, same guy I got my panel from Bonsai Hero and click on mother plant led panel. might consider buying a second panel if I am happy with my results, which going by what I've read people have gotten for yields, I may do just that. One guy got 350 grams from 4 of these panels, using only 65 watts each. Someone posted a comparison of the Indigrow 100 and Hans's panel,a nd Hans's yielded far more than the indigrow. His panels put out over 35% more light than a 90W ufo......definitely worth a shot. I don't think I'll need anymore lighting in only a 2x2 foot space but more the better, right?

This shits takin wayyyyy longer than I'd like but we're making progress lol

John C

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i would only grow 1 plant per bucket maximum otherwise you will limit each plants growth and yield. I use a heavy duty block heater timer to control my lights. for me the cost of activated carbon out weighted the cost of buying a carbon filter. I buy my nutrients in either a 1 gallon or 2.5 gallon container at a time its more economical that way. the nutrients may last your whole grow as they are added from 5 cc to 15 cc each at a time. store your nutrients in a cool dark place and shake them before use. I use a 3 cc and a 60 cc syringe to measure my nutrients. always add your nutrients to water and not each other. make sure you can devote your focus to measuring the nutrients one at a time so you do not mix up what you have added. I have not grown with L.E.D's but make sure you get 3 watt or 5 watt or 10 watt diodes in whatever L.E.D panels you order. 50 watts -75 watts per square foot is what is recommended for sufficient light. you may consider ordering from one of the sponsors here on 420Magazine as there are several manufacturers. hydroton may be expensive to ship, you may be able to pick this up locally at a nursery or a hardware store like home depot if you telephone around.

this is the company i ordered my carbon filter from


Sponsors : 420 MAGAZINE ®

https://www.google.com search digital pH meter


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I've gotten several things from that company as well.They are tops. :)


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Wow guys, sorry for my horrific spelling in my last post, I probably shouldn't smoke before coming on here, makes things 10X harder. I space it easily and don't spel check lol. Laziness is a wonderful thing. I can't seem to edit my post though.

Here is a blurb from Hans's page regarding the leds he uses........

"For 5 years I've been working on LED panels optimised for growing marijuana. Because of the numerous bad LED panels on the market,-I wanted to investigate if it would be possible to grow the same amount of bud with only half the electrical power of HPS lights. I have been reporting the progress on my famous website-www.ledgrow.eu.
As you can see I succeeded in truly outperforming HPS lights. In Set-Up 12 I used 2 panels and produced 153 grams, 5.2 Ounce of great Marijuana with only 103 KwH of electrical power, 0.67 KWH per gram. With HPS it would take about twice the amount of electrical power and space to produce a similar amount.
I believe these unique LED panels belong to the very best on the market. You can optimise the spectrum and amount of light for 3 different phases of your plants life. There is a position for seedlings and cuttings, another is perfect for early flowering and mother plants and the third position is optimised for maximum flowering. My panels have no light losses caused by plastic covers or lenses in front of the Led's. And although they are only 56 Watt, they produce 35% more light than a 90 Watt UFO.
The LedGrow panels are now finally available, directly from the manufacturer, price-is 240U$ or 180€ for a 56 Watt panel, power supply included.
Independent grow reports from satisfied customers can be found at -www.ledgrow.eu/Reviews

- 56 Watt Cree XP-E and Rebel LED Power, total power consumption max. 65 Watt
- 3 selectable positions; (1) Seedlings and cuttings, (2) Mothers and Early weeks of flowering, and (3) Full flowering position. Easily selectable by Switch
- 4 Royal Blue XT-E, 27 Red XP-E 501 and 2 DeepRed Rebel Led's
- Each Led has it's own reflector, either 106 or 123 degrees, therefore optimal control of the light pattern
- Metal Core PCB for the very best cooling
- No light losses caused by glass or plastic barriers in front of the LED's
- External waterproof power supply with a 2 meter cable, no heat contribution to the LED's
- Size 26 cm * 38 cm , 10" * 15". Height only 4 cm, 1.6"
- Recommended maximum grow area 50*60 cm, 20" * 24"
- EU, USA or UK power supply included
- Reflector easily demountable for cleaning
- Solid construction, simple industrial design
- Very silent, only -45 dB at 60 cm, 24"
- Full year warranty"

@KingJohnC sorry I read back through the thread and found all that info again. Sorry for repeating myself. Thanks for the tips on the nutes as well.

Now as far as the carbon filter, I found this one and I've have a question

www.LEDwholesalers.com - 4" Hydroponic Carbon Air Filter 200 CFM Air Scrubber

It is a 4 inch filter perfect for what I need. Now the fan I ordered, the Soler and Pallau td100 is rated at 97 cfm and 101 cfm on the high setting. The rating for this filter is 200 cfm, so would this combination work? My cab is 2x2x5 feet, so thats 20 square ft, so once every 5 would be 20 cfm, so I'm right on target with my cfm's it seems but does this mean that this particular filter would cause too much resistance? And I understand the cfm rating will go down with resistance, but I'm sure I'm still well within my allowance to play with.

My order was processed through hordicultural source and it should be shipping out soon. I didn't know the vinal tubing didn't fit snug on the pump like the stones, so I had to buy some ring clamps so I hope that issue will be solved. Do they intentionally sell these clamps for this purpose or am I missing something?

Also I hope this netpot lid isn't as much of a bitch to get on as this other one is.

I did not know they made syringes as small as 3 cc. If this be the case, theoretically couldn't I just use that one syringe and just count by 3s? Yes it would take longer and for anyone else it'd be unnecessary, but it would keep me from having to have someone on video chat with me on skype reading the levels. and I suppose there really is no question at all whether the measurements need to be accurate or slightly off. Of course they need to be accurate. And how are CC's in comparison to ML? Isn't it better in this case to under estimate than over estimate and not burn your plants? I'm just trying to get a general idea of how much leeway I've got.

When all of the parts and pieces are all here I'll then get some photos up.

John C

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for a 2'x2'x5' area you would have 20 cubic feet. in terms of yield still nothing beat High Intensity Discharge lights with a Metal Halide for vegetative growth and a High Pressure Sodium light bulb for flowering. i would like to see you get great results you will need a minimum of 50 watts per square foot or 200 watts of power to illuminate your 4 square foot area. for the cost of buying multiple lights to illuminate that 4 square foot area you may be better purchasing a 200 watt L.E.D panel with newer technology and more spectrum's then the panel you have listed. the rating for the filter you have ordered is 200 CFM maximum, it will cut down how many CFM your fan is able to expel from your grow area but it more so depends on the efficiency of the fan for how much of a drop there will be. with an L.E.D panel it may still cool your grow area adequately and have a healthy air exchange for your plants. they do not specifically make any clamps to secure air line to air pumps its friction fit, but usually a smaller diameter silicon air tubing is used rather then the 1/4" vinyl tubing used for water lines. a small length of silicon air tubing can be attached to the pump and a inline connector can connect it to the vinyl air tubing. yes you could use a small syringe repeatedly by yourself to measure out your nutrients, 1cc or cubic centimetre is equal to 1 ml or millilitre. the nutrient uptake is determined by the plants roots as they grow and it is better to under estimate rather then over estimate the amount of nutrients you are providing. the plants will give you feedback on how they are growing. watch the tips of the leaves for nutrient burn, if you see yellowing then browning tips either dilute the nutrient mixture or flush the reservoir and replace with a lower amount of nutrients. if you see the lower leaves yellowing slowly increase the amount of grow and micro nutrients you are providing in small steps. myself and other members of the forum can help you identify and correct problems with your grow. you will most likely require someone else's assistance to turn the fine screw to make adjustments to your pH meter. you will need calibration solution for your pH meter, most pH meters require a 2 point adjustment. you will need a pH 7 calibrations solution and a pH 4 calibration solution. pour a small mount of pH 7 calibration solution into a plastic bag and place the tip of the meter in it and adjust the fine screw until it read 7, pour a small amount of pH 4 calibration solution into a plastic bag and inset the tip of you meter into it and adjust the fine screw until it read 4. never let the tip of your pH meter dry out, always either store it with storage solution of pH 7 calibration solution in the cap.


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I don't know that I'm fully understanding the carbon filter deal...is the cfm rating the maximum it can handle, or does that number mean it has to be at least that number in order to function right? I was reading that I should allow 20% to be added to the total cfm's to account for filter backpressure. This said, my minimum exchange rate once every 5 minutes would be 24 cfm. However, the fan I have ordered which should arrive today is rated at 97/101 cfm (I don't know why such the small difference) and I subtract 19% and I figure I'm right around 77 cfm with the filter, so just under 4 times a minute.

I found this timer which is a newer model than the one you listed. The one you listed has a rating of 2.5 stars.....are these timers really that unreliable? At least this newer model has 3.3 stars


To be clear for the syringe it needs to be a bulb type syringe, correct?

I am guessing the Flora gallon will be heavy to ship, would it be worth it to go somewhere and buy it? Would home depot carry this? The nearest hydro store is like 15 minutes away but since I don't drive it's not exactly easy. I am just thinking about trying to avoid my managers from reading who my boxes are from...don't want them getting ideas, and it's not like you can tell amazon to do discrete shipping...doesn't that stuff come UPS anyway? So long as it comes UPS I'm good because it comes right to my door.

By the end of the week I should have over $100 to spend so I'll need to get some chain and more hooks to hang the fan. I haven't gotten the filter yet because I want to be absolutely sure I'm getting one I can use. I've seen filters with lower cfm ratings and am wondering if one of them would be more appropriate.

Also do you think these hose clamps will be sufficient to connect the black vinal tubing to the pump? both the pump, tubing and airstones are all 3/8 inch. Or are you saying I really do need to get and cut a piece of hose to fit on the 3/8 inch tubing?

I also reread through the thread and I also want to add my a/c unit was junk from the beginning, got it off some dude on craigslist, he ripped me off. Anyway new one should be coming in the mail today.......thanks dad.

Is there anyway I could get away without using a ph meter if I start from store bought distilled water? Doesn't distilled water have a ph of 7?

Stay tuned.
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John C

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the CFM rating on the carbon filter is the maximum amount of air that can be passed through it. the carbon filter you have ordered will be perfect for your grow. the timer you have linked to is a newer style then i use but it should be what you need.

these are the 3 cc syringes i use to measure pH down. the needle can be removed from the syringe and a short piece of 1/4 inch tubing can be attached to reach into the bottles but the additional volume must be calculated.


I would telephone the Home Depot and other stores with a garden centre to see if they have General Hydroponic Flora nutrients in stock and what sizes they carry, if they do not carry the nutrients a trip to a hydroponic store should carry them in gallon sizes. the size of the silicon air tubing i am referring to is 3/16 inch, please provide a photograph of your air pump and tubing so we can see what size it is. after adding nutrients to water the pH usually drops, you will need some way to adjust your pH. you want pH of 5.8 for hydroponic and soiless (peat moss and coco coir) and pH 6.5 for soil.

here is a nutrient availability chart



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Hi KingJohnC

I'm going to try and link to the pictures I took again to see if it works, if not I'll try and use the image gallory again.

Ecoplus 2 airpump


Micropore air diffuser


Bucket with lid


Led panel this is with the leds facing you, there is a small fan on the other side


Even though only one stone is shown I have 2

Thanks for the nutrient chart, but since I can't see it I'll have to get someone to convert it to text for me.

Let me see if I understand the tubing issue. The tubing which isn't pictured is 3/8 inch. It fits on the airstone just fine, but not the pump. I ordered 2 hose clamps which I haven't received. Are you saying that I need 1/4 inch tubing to go over the pump outlet then slide the 3/8 tubing over the 1/4? I am assuming the 1/4 will fit snug on there?

I should have more than enough money to buy the rest of all this stuff. My buddy will not be available for another couple of weeks and I do not like waiting around for people but he's got the wheels to go to the next town over which would otherwise cost me $50 round trip.

I am going to order up the UPS, carbon filter and small stuff now that I know it will work with my fan If I buy gh nutes online, will they be shipped UPS? I would hope so, and I'd prefer discrete shipping. Is it also possible to get rockwool cubes in small quantities other than a sheet of 48? That's a big package, and the smaller the better.

Since I'm unable to see the pics you posted of your syringes, could you post links to comparable ones on amazon?

Here is a pic of my fan


If I think of anything else I'll come back otherwise it'll be more ordering up.
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after doing more research i have found that some LED growers use approximately 25 watts per square foot.

here are the specs for the EcoPlus Air Pump Echo Air 2

4.5 liters per minute

Eco Air series pumps are very quiet, yet extremely powerful.

Eco Air 2 - Two Outlets - 6 watts (with variable control)

Widely used to provide oxygen in aquariums, fish farms and hydroponic systems.

Convenient to operate without oil or much noise.

Cylinders and pistons are made of excellent materials, making the pump strong, durable.

Has outlets for 3/16" inside diameter tubing.

forum links to ebay and amazon are not permitted. but are you positive the air tubing adapter coming out of the micropore air stone is not smaller then 3/8", i can see a thicker part in the middle? you would need some kind of tubing adapter to run from your air pumps 3/16" or 1/4" air tubing outlets to your 3/8" air tubing, perhaps the hose clamps would seal adequately. if you wish to buy General Hydroponics nutrients who ever you buy your nutrients from will have arrangements with their choice of shipper, sometimes a choice is available. i have ordered from sunflowersupplies.com and thehydrosource.com, perfectgardens.com is a forum sponsor here and has good prices on General Hydroponics as well .I have not shipped nutrients as i am in Canada, you could telephone them and see what their shipping methods are. you could also order from Blue Planet Nutrients that a lot of forum members are using with good success, Corey is a member here as well and is quick to reply to questions. i do not use rockwool so i am unable to guide you here but i know it is available in small individually wrapped cubes, if you do buy the large sheets of rockwool you would have to cut them down (use a dust mask).


email info@blueplanetnutrients.com

3cc syringe
https://www.google.com search 3cc syringe


telephone 1-631-651-8281

Hydrosource | Premium Supplier for Hydroponics

telephone 1-877-493-7682

Synthetic Base Nutrients

telephone 1-855 GROW-GOOD

Rockwool Grow Cubes 1.5''
Kalyx.com, Natural Marketplace & More - Grodan - Rockwool Grow Cubes 1.5'' X 1.5'' X 1.5'',45 Cube Sheet: HY
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