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Blood drug test help


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So in 2 weeks I'm getting medical work done for the military because we are deploying soon. I'm in the reserves and the last couple months have been very stressful on me seeing as though I'm 19 and have a kid on the way and I'm leaving for Afghanistan. Their Doug a routine blood sample for the physical on everyone and a random drug test on the unit like every month. Iv obviously been smoking nug or else I wouldn't be back on this site lol. But anyways, iv been doing research on thc in the blood and iv found multiple things. That'll be out in 72hours, 2 weeks, and a month. Im not even sure if they test tr blood for drugs but does anyone know how long it really stays in the blood? Also if it gets out of my blood and I work out hard and burn fat will it re enter? I'm 5"11 160lbs average body fat.

Thanks and stay high my friends :roorrip:
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