Bloodguy's GDP & KushnCheese Soil Grow Sponsored By MightyGrow 2017


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What strain is it? Grand Daddy Purple by Blimburn. Kush n Cheese by Dinafem. Subject to change ;)
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrids, both Indica dominant.
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Starting from seed.
If in Veg... For how long? na
If in Flower stage... For how long? na
Indoor or outdoor? indoor
Soil or Hydro? soil
If soil... what is in your mix? promix, perlite, dolomite, and MIGHTYGROW
If soil... What size pot? 5 gallons.
Size of light? I like to slowly move up. couple cfls for seedlings. Then 300w LED. Then I love my 600w HPS to finish off.
Is it aircooled? Yes. Nothing special, just a thermostat controlled AC that draws fresh air from outside.
Temp of Room/cab? Well I haven't started yet but generally my rooms run 70-82 F.
RH of Room/cab? Again haven't started but it will vary. My seedlings enjoy the RH maxed right out. once they move to a tent they can expect 35-75, Highest during lights out.
PH of media or res? I am following the MGO schedule and using Dolomite Lime as a buffer.
Any Pests ? Not yet and they better stay way back.
How often are you watering? Hard to say, Ive been an advocate of letting my soil get verrrry dry and then soaking, I have had great luck with this technique. The MGO instructions advise to not let the soil get overly dry so I have opted for plastic pots instead of fabric and the frequency of watering Ill be learning as I go.
Type and strength of ferts used? The full MGO line and nothing else.
Amend is 3-3-3, Grow is 4-3-4, and Bloom is 2-6-4. There is also micro nutrients.

That is a super long intro but that's the guidelines I guess.
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I'm ready!
. Waiting patiently for nature to happen. Those are standard party cups. Inside is only promix and super coarse perlite at a 50/50 mix. The soil is watered thoroughly and the seeds are planted about 3/4 of an inch down. The cups are covered with plastic wrap and a few holes are poked in the plastic. Next the cups are placed on a beautifully designed place mat from the dollar store that I place on top of my heating pad. The heat is set on low and there are 2 standard household CFLs about 5 inches above the cups. The heat and light will be on until the ladies break surface. Thanks to everyone watching and if you haven't already please check out the other MightyGrow journals from Blazinjones and Bedroomfarmer. Best wishes!
Like your germ method!! Cant wait till u transplant and let mighty grow give them youngins what they need. Great start should b a fun show!!
Here's the ladies today
.... Now let's talk MightyGrow!
that's everything I needed to get the ball rolling.
after filling the pots with promix and perlite I added the lime. It was my first experience using the lime. All I can say is one small breeze equals full on Scarface scene, white powder everywhere! Next is the trace minerals.
. It looks like someone filled a bag with gravel from my driveway. It doesn't smell like anything. One thing to note here, all directions for MightyGrow are teaspoons or tablespoons per gallon of soil. This one product only has instructions for tablespoons per cubic foot. The actual schedule I received has the proper instructions but without that chart you will need math to complete the process. Or at least Google. Next was the amend. It looks like crushed chocolate cookies and smells like a small pet cage, maybe a hamster or gerbil or something. The smell isn't too strong at all (I was worried about that part). I did run into another small head scratching moment.
here's the back of the bag... I'm growing my plants in a container.. says there 2 tbsp per gallon. The chart however clearly says one tbsp per gallon. I tried to attach the chart but I'm having trouble. It can be viewed at I went with one tbsp to be safe.
here's the MGO goodness right here. Now after I mixed all my ingredients I placed the pots in a new tent I picked up for this grow. The instructions are to let the soil sit for 24hrs- 5 days. I'm thinking it'll be about 36 hrs before I'm ready to transplant.
they look tiny in there all alone. Couple other points of interest.. see that label? It says not for use in organic crops in California. Does this mean it's organic everywhere but Cali? Then there's that orange box below... It sounds pretty intense, keep this stuff away from water, snow, drainage ditches, don't allow runoff to enter water, and don't use when heavy rain is expected. Also says to sweep any leftovers off of driveway. One thing I don't see is a warning not to eat it, so it can't be all bad . I'm very excited to see this product in action. I've heard and read good things. At this point I can't vouch for the effectiveness of the products, because I haven't used them yet. I will say that Sam, the rep I'm working with, has been easy to reach and fast to answer any questions. Stay tuned to see Bloodguy get down with MightyGrow! As always, Best wishes!
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