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Dabby Duck

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Hi all it has been a while. This is where it all started and after venturing out. This is still the best community on the web. I hope you will follow along with our perpetual grow.
4X4 tent for seedlings and clones Viparspectra 600 on veg mode only consumes 112w from the wall. Currently 21 seedlings in there.
6x6 veg tent for mid to late veg and some autos. Currently running Optic6 in there until new veg light decision is made. Looking at HLG, Cali Light Works Veg 550 or Advanced Led EX veg300. Currently have 7 plants in there just about to transplant. Around 2-3 weeks left in Veg cycle.
12x12 Flower room All for flowering medical cannabis. We are running 4xOptic4 and one Optic8+. Currently we have no plants in flower. Im cleaning rearranging and preparing for our perpetual life. Photos and vids to come. Will be back to weekly video updates. Also I have a special announcement. The boss will also be growing along side. She will be growing the first of our seeds in a sea of green under the optic8+.

Currently we have 3LA OG, 1Wht Lavender, 3Blueberry, 2Badaz Cookies, 1Bruce Banger, 1Grape OX, 2Black Sugar all feminized seeds from Rare Dankness and Seedsman.
Also we are running 6Soviet Caravan (Russian Doll x Grape Snowtrain), 3Forgotten Grapes (amnesia OG x Grape Snowtrain), 2Snow Goddess (Afrodite x Grape Snowtrain), Doubled Grapes (Grape Snowtrain x Grape Snowtrain). All from Bloom Bloom Beans.
Much Love

Dabby Duck

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Welcome back dabby!
Can't wait to see what you got going on now a days . Those strains sound intriguing.
I'm excited to see how the boss does with her plants.
White Lavander is a beast of a plant. The 3 La are short bushes. The blueberry are all perfect in structure. I’m really excited for this first batch.
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