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Bloombox or DIY?


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Hello all you 420 people out there. I am new here and just going to start my own grow. I have done it before but only on a very small scale with limited lighting and that was a long time ago. With the stuff that is available today I am a little torn as to which way to go.
There is something out there called a bloombox that looks really great but it is a bit pricey. They boast almost a pound every 2 months when all is done right. It is all computerized and automatic as far as lighting and watering (feeding) schedules go. And Most importantly....it is contained, discreet and no smell! I can't have any smell at all during the flowering stage. If you've never seen it just search " bloombox grow box " and follow the link. The basic unit is $3,300.00 cad. that includes enough supplies for 3 harvests.
So my question is this. Can i get the same thing for less and still be contained, discreet and no smell?
At present I have just germinated 3 white widow seeds...I need to make a decision soon.

Amy Gardner

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High Gilliganshigh and a big New Years welcome to 420Mag. :welcome:

I grow mostly outdoor but heaps of the growers I follow here are indoors in tents and enclosures of all shapes and sizes. I'm sure you can set up something excellent for a lot less than that, just probably without the built in automation. Although many things like lights and ventilation can be set up to timers pretty easily.
Check out the 420Mag sponsors - there will be heaps of options there. And post some questions in the 'growers room' forum, there's even a thread there for setups I think, which you could browse for inspiration.

Folks round here are super friendly and always willing to help. You're in a good place for grow support [emoji5]


Chris Scorpio

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For $3300 you could have a sweet setup and have more diversity for sure

Easy to do for under $1000

I started with two tents, one for veg...one flower, worked great, think I spent about $1000

I've seen those boxes, I don't believe it...but that's me...lol

Dwight Monk

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Quite a bit of money in my mind, but one of those to each their own. IMHO there is no such thing as "no smell", yes there are ways to limit it along with some strains are less stinky than others, as you have to open the doors from time to time to check/train them.


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thanks a lot for the input...i have been looking at tent kits since i posted last and now with what you say I believe i have made up my mind. Saw your setup and looks very nice. Thx again and happy new year.
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