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Blooming/Buds With Little Or No Smell


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Hi all,

Buds which should have been stinky has no smell or just lite smell, talking about more then one strain, ...O they r still growing/in soil.
my thoughts -
Due to very hot days almost 40 Deg C, almost a month now..
lockout of nutes
even cross my thought - spider mites attack - which been handled by the organic method.

BTW all r outdoor / not dedicated fertilizer which means basic nutes for grow stage and on bloom I've added Atami BB.. all along the way i have adjusted the PH ,, as the tab water here r around 7.

I must say I've flushed them two days ago with tab water (without PH adjusting) and it seems to help just a bit..

Any thoughts?


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I find that I can only smell my buds when I am close to the plant or when I touch them. I only grow outdoors. At present I have a 5ft 8ins ASD girl she is stinky as anything but I have to be very close to smell it....when I touch her though and smell my fingers that's an intense blast of smell... But I step a foot away and can't smell anything and I have a very keen sense of smell.....

Hope that reassures you some....it's probably nothing to worry about.....
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