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Blue Cheese + Bubba Kush - Hempy - OC+ CFLs - First Time!


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Took some more pics of different parts of the BC, I keep going back and forwards as to whether or not these are balls or just calyxs... any experts have an opinion:




I think these are calyxs...


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They are females dude, relax. Yep calyx is the term, some strains get real big ones


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35th day of 12/12, 106th day total.

Blue Cheese on the left, Bubba Kush on the right:





Watered yesterday, in 2L they both got:
10g (1 teaspoon) epsom salts
5mL Canna Boost
2mL PK 13-14
5mL Cannazyme

Will give them an extra water or two this week since they only get 1 week of PK 13-14, and I remember 420 saying something about hempys not minding being kept a bit wet


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This is 49 days into 12/12... both plants are meant to be 8-9 week strains, so I should only have a week or two left in this grow :cheer: Looking forward to my next grow, I've got a clone from the BC before she went into flower which I've just taken out of stasis on a 6/6/6/6 light schedule and put into 18/6 and started some LST... I'll be fixing my lights for the next grow so I should hopefully get a better result

Thanks everyone who helped me out on this grow, I've learned heaps and hopefully some other newbies have too :Namaste:








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You could do that, would make trimming easier later.....

I'm all about making things easier ;) I took a sample
off the BK yesterday, if that seems ok after a bit of time drying ill start taking leaves off

+rep for being the only person still reading this journal ;)

checked the trichs yesterday using a usb microscope, BC had about 5% amber, BK had no amber but I can't get a good enough view to tell if they're clear or opaque, which is why ill try the sample


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hey HMG things are going well I think... sorry I've been real slack with updates but there's not much interesting stuff happening ;)

the sample I from the BK was decent, gave a quick and very energetic high but I didn't think it was ready yet. I used the "under the couch" quick dry method from here: 420magazine.com/forums/how-grow-marijuana/71993-how-do-i-quick-dry-my-buds.html but since my cabinet gets to the right temp during lights on I just sat it on a tray on top of the lights for 12 hours, then just near a window while I.was at work, it smoked very nicely :)

I've got a sample from the BC to try tonight, if that for a well I'll harvest this weekend, otherwise it'll be next

BC clone is doing well, growing nicely since I.switched it over to 18/6

ill try and post pics soon, sorry!


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Don't worry man post pics when you can. I think I remember reading that flowering can take a little longer with OC+, I'll see if I can find it.

I took my BC down on Sat. I swear it has a blueberry creamcheese pie smell. :yummy: I think I have a little sample dry enough to try tonight.


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Ok, here we go... I forgot to get a wet weight before they got hung them up (the gf was hanging them as I trimming them) so I'm not sure how much I've got here... anyone want to make a guess?

For tradition's sake, the BC is on the left, and the couple of branches off to the right are from the BK, pre-trim

Normal BIC lighter against one of the nugs from the BC... it's the one at the top in the middle of the first pic

All hung up. You can see one of my new fans here, providing air movement without blowing on the flowers (hopefully I've done it ok)

I've got all the frosty trim sitting on the bottom of the cab, when it's dry I'll use it for some edibles

Thanks :420: for reading and helping me out! I'll post a new journal once this stuff is out of the cabinet and ready for the curing jars


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