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Greetings mates,

After growing Liberty Haze in soil earlier this year, I decided to try growing it in coco coir this time. I'll keep it short for now but you can find some details about this grow below;

This grow was meant to be a Liberty Haze grow but since these seeds failed, I decided to keep this journal and make it a Blue Cheese grow.


Blue Cheese, Dinafem Seeds data:

Type: Feminised
Photoperiod: Normal
Type: Indica dominant
Cultivation: Indoor/outdoor
Genetics: Exodus UK Cheese and Blueberry
Indoor Yield (g):up to 550 gr/m²
Flowering Time (days): 50-55

Grow Setup ;

- 60x60 cm grow tent.
- Fabric pots (4 gal. each)
- Biobizz Coco Mix
- Perlite
- Silent fan, carbon filter
- DIY 200W LED's(For Veg)
- 300W assembled LED set with Bridgelux diodes (For Bloom)
- Coco Pots for transplant
- pH and EC meters
- Leaf sprayer

Feeding products;

- Advanced Nutrients - Voodoo Juice, Piranha, Tarantula, CalMag, Nirvana, Sensiyzm.
- General Organics - Bio Thrive Bloom, Diamond Black, Bio Bud.
- BioBizz - Fish Mix, Bio Heaven, Algamic, Activera.

I choose a basic coco setup with organic nutrients this time. For veg. I will use Fish Mix as main veg. nute, diamond black and all of the root products from AN as well as the CalMag. All of the Biobizz line will be used in different ratios during all phases. I will add the rest of the G.O. and AN products in flowering. I will follow General Organics feeding chart for PPM levels. I will share pH and ppm measurements as the plants grow. I will probably go for SCROG and since I don't have a fine LED system now, first couple weeks of veg. period will be painful. I'll add these LED's on late december so they will go crazy in new year :ganjamon:

Liberty Haze was one of the best strains I have ever tried. I will harvest my Pineapple Chunk's on late december and I think some LH buds will bring some fine variety to my stash :rollit: I hope I won't fail on my first attempt in coco.

Any advise or commend is greatly appreciated.
Thanks for stopping by :passitleft:

Here's a link to my current journal on organic Pineapple Chunk HPS grow

Here is some prep. pics;

Nothing popped out yet. They were germinated and planted nicely. Watered properly but something must went wrong. 7 days passed after planting them and that is the first time I experience such thing with Barney's Farm seeds. I ran out of Liberty Haze seeds so if nothing shows up, I will have to end this journal and start a new one with the same setup but with different genetics. I might go for another Pineapple ride :smokin:
Sorry to hear about the loss of the seeds!

Have you found using the root trio better than just voodoo Juice?

Yeah I think that is the way to go. Advanced Nutrients updated their feed schedules that way too :laugh: First weeks of veg. or bloom. Doesn't really matter. If you want to focus on roots, use your root products. You have limited time to use these so I think it would be wise to get the most out of them :passitleft:
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