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Blue Cheese


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Strain Name - Blue Cheese
From - cali I believe
When - 4/8
Price - :11:
Type - Mostly Indica; Big Buddha Cheese x Blueberry
Appearance - Fairly dark, with a lot of trichomes!
Smell - Very light just in nug form. Nice smell burned, not strong though.
Taste - You know, maybe it was how it was stored or cured... But not much in ways of taste. From what I remember of cheese before, it wasn't quite as smooth or as flavorless...
Type of Buzz - Here we go, strong! Couch lock type buzz. Kicked in quick. Body and head stone!
Length of Buzz - I will post about this soon. Smoked a small bowl ten minutes ago.
Best Medicinal Use - My gut was hurting a good amount. Now 15 minutes after I would say its pretty good for me. Pain is receded, I don't have a appetite yet but nausea is starting to go away so thats a good sign! :woohoo:
Overall - I am pretty satisfied with this. Not the tastiest but I don't think that was the grower's fault. I think it was kept poorly after, but who knows. Strong! And not abrasive on the throat. Hopefully it doesn't drop off quickly.
Pictures already taken, they will be in the next post! :thumb:


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Blue Cheese... This picture sucks. Sorry guys! I don't know if its the camera or me :(

Better photos...



I like seein' some amber! :goof:
Still lasting over an hour later.


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I just harvested a nice BlueCheese plant here that I raised from seed. The buds are just now going into curing jars. They were so covered with resin and sticky that my scissors gummed up on me several times while I was trying to manicure the buds before hanging! ;)

Here are a couple of natural light photos I took of the plant just before I began harvesting. Since it was my only BC plant, I left 1/3 of the plant in the pot and am now attempting to bring it back to veg mode and then use it as a mother.




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edit: thank you GG7, I am glad we we're able to discuss this in a civil manner. I still think you should contact a moderator, they would be able to direct you to a forum more suitable.

+reps for being so cool ;)


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Thanks! I'll just keep my photos to myself for now until I can find a better location for them. I am no longer able to edit those older posts that contain the actual images. Feel free to request the mods to remove them from this and the other review threads you posted.

Must say that it is taking me awhile to get up to speed with the very restrictive posting rules on this forum. I am not accustomed to having editing privilages removed after a period of time, or being unable to respond to private messages specifically sent to me by other members because I don't have enough forum posts.

Why even permit members to send PMs to new members when they are prevented from replying by the system because they don't have enough posts? I wasted my time composing a reply only to be told I could not send it because I needed 50 posts first! Frankly one of the dumbest things I have ever seen on a forum based web site. :rolleyes3


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Actually, I like the pics! I will not request them to be removed..They are better shots than I will probably ever do!! I just didn't want you to keep it up and possibly get in trouble.

Idk whats up with the PM thing.. I find it strange too. You'll hit 50 in no time though, there is so much going on here!:)

We gotta stop this discussion though, you have my e-mail. In attempt to keep the topic "on topic", I guess I effectively made it "off topic"... I apologize.


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Golden, your plant beautiful!

Thanks Man! :thumb:

I wish I had more than just that one plant, but out of the 6 confirmed as genuine BC seeds I was able to score and plant, this turned out to be the only female in the bunch. The males looked as full and healthy as the lone female so not only was I shocked at all the males, it was really hard to cut them down when they showed their sex. The most female looking male cannabis plants I have ever seen!

I've got the bottom third of this one now outside in the garden being fed a steady diet of some high end FoxFarm organic nutes! Hopefully she will bounce back and become my BC Mother for future clones. The buds are almost cured and looking excellent!

If THSea doesn't mind, I could post a few photos of the finished product in this thread? Let me know brother! :yummy:


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OKAY... I checked my PM's about this exact question.. I had forgotten the reasoning behind having separate threads for each user... As you know GG7, I liked the idea of consolidation... But the cyclist brings up a really good point I don't think we can ignore completely.

Different threads gives us the ability to search by users which may have similar medical conditions and tastes to our own.

I am a little torn on the issue, I see both sides... Consolidation of reviews (such as you putting one in here) would cut down on clutter... However, makes it harder for people to search based on like illnesses...

So my answer is!... I don't know. I really want to see those pictures though! Maybe just go ahead and post them.. We can resolve this issue when the cyclist is logged in. I am sending him a PM now.

EDIT: hey GG7, check out https://www.420magazine.com/forums/...n-reviews/136118-how-write-strain-review.html
look at posts #7 and 8, it has relevance to our other conversations on the living plants. :thumb:


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I would not mind at all! It would be an honor GG7!

Just one question... Which bank did you get your BC seeds from GG7? Big Buddha, or Barney? You as a grower have more information at this as opposed to us that just buy..

Cool! After I posted this reply, I decided to go ahead and take some shots right now. I don't have a super macro on my camera so these are as close up to the buds as I could get.





They really do sparkle like that in person! If you push down on a bud with your finger, it sticks so hard that you can lift it off the table! LOL! Hands down one of the most resin heavy plants I have ever had! :)

My seeds were from Medicinal Organic Nursery which is a popular and well respected seed house here in California. Although everyone agrees that the female plant looked awesome and produced some very nice sticky buds, I am a little put off by the fact that the female/male ratio was so weighted to the male side. In nature there is at least a 50/50 mix of the sexes, but my growing conditions are excellent giving me more like a 70/30 with most plantings I have done here. I have no idea why I got such an offbalanced ratio, but if my female dies on me, I am definitely going to buy another pack of these seeds and hope for a better return!

I should mention that MON are wholesalers and only sell to dispensaries and collectives. Not directly to card carrying cannabis patients. You have to buy them from a shop that carries the brand, which is practically everyone here on the west coast. If I recall, the price was $30.00 for 6 seeds which is a little high especially when I only got one female plant out of the grow, but in the end it is hard to argue that these are not some wicked nice looking BC buds! :)

The buds are still a few weeks away from being fully cured, but they are obviously dry enough for some photos to be taken. :yummy:
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O...M... :yummy:

Those look wonderful! What does all that weigh out to?

Thanks! Wish it was easier to share! :roorrip:

Ahh! The weight! In all the excitement I forgot to list that!

At this stage in drying, which although on the early side feels about done to me, (didn't water it for two days before havesting) I ended up with just over 1 oz. Although that may not seem like that much to some growers, the plant was only 28 inches tall at harvest, so that isn't bad at all. :cheer:

I used FoxFarm Big Bloom exclusively during the 8 weeks of flowering. :MoreNutes:

If I can revive this lady from the brink, get her back to veg and then start taking some clones off her, I am going to wait till they get to about 35 inches tall before putting them in my bloom room. I might try topping them too so I can get more than one cola. You can see how much bigger the cola is on this strain than the secondary buds.

My next flowering will be Purple Urkle which goes into the Bloom Room this Sunday. After that...


I scored some genuine NORCAL GDP clones a few days ago!! :cheer: I've been trying to score some GDP clones for almost a year now. The "real things" are very hard to come by!


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EDIT: hey GG7, check out https://www.420magazine.com/forums/...n-reviews/136118-how-write-strain-review.html
look at posts #7 and 8, it has relevance to our other conversations on the living plants. :thumb:

I can kind of see his point, but that is also kind of a short sighted stance to take since a large percentage of patients also grow their own plants. While the amount of dried bud photos out there on the web could fill a couple of terrabytes of hard drive, actual verified photos of the growing plants that produce those buds are really hard to find.

Pairing the dried bud photos with some shots of the actual plants in veg and flower would cover all the bases for everyone, and give clone buyers a little more info going in if they suspect they have been sold a bill of goods. For example, after weeks of TLC, their Grand Daddy Purple clone they paid $20.00 for doesn't turn purple at the end of flowering and doesn't produce buds that in any way resemble GDP buds! I have seen it happen!

I think what you and I have basically done in this thread is the perfect solution! Pair a patient who makes the effort to review these strains purchased in dry bud form from a specific dispensary with a grower who can provide photos of that same strain in the form of a living plant in veg and flower! :thumb:

I can't imagine anyone having a problem with that. Personally, I could care less who starts/gets credit for the review thread. Let folks choose what member name they think writes the best reviews with the best photos and search based on that. You can already see how the addition of the live plant photos has breathed new life into this BlueCheese review! :popcorn: I only see this consolidation as a good thing, if done responsibly, which I think we have done here. :)


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Only works if you grow it yourself.

I do not grow.

I don't think 420cyclist is saying you cannot post live pictures, my friend... I believe he is saying, if you grow them yourself.. It is fair game for you to post those pictures in your review.. As it is the same plant you are reviewing.

As he, and myself, do not grow... We have no relevant live plant pictures or information available on the buds we review.

For example.. The seeds that grew the blue cheese I had, probably weren't from where you got yours... See what I am saying?

After thinking about this, I kind of agree with Cyclist.. My obsessive nature tells me consolidation is awesome.. But the rational behind being able to find reviews of like illness just makes too much sense (Darn you cyclist! and your logic!..j/k)..I don't think its an issue of "credit" or anything.. Just a different idea towards what is important on sorting the reviews.. My condition is nothing like the Cyclist, and as much as I love reading his reviews... His focus on medicating effects are different than mine. Mine will always revolve around finding herb that helps with my crohn's symptoms.. If you look in my Maui Diesel review, I actually return it because it doesn't have the medicating effects I need.

However... I still dislike the thread being taken over by this discussion when simply sending a PM to our mod would really clear it up. But I guess it had to come up sometime, and here is as good of a place as any.. I sent a PM, so we should be hearing from him within the next day or so... While we may like consolidation, we need to respect the decision of the people who are here to ensure quality control.. They are part of why the site is so great in the first place.

I like you GG7! You're a good guy, I hope we get this resolved quickly. This is a relatively new forum on the site, so we gotta expect things like this to come up. Don't be afraid to PM a mod! They don't bite! And even if they do, they cannot through the internet.. ;)


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My head is starting to hurt so this will be my last post on this subject...

Whatever you guys decide is fine by me. You happened to nicely review the same strains I prefer for my medical condition and these are logically the same strains I am currently growing, so it made sense to me to add some live plant photos to your reviews for those who also like these strains and may want to grown some. Simple as that. :smokin:

In terms of strains....

If you have a genuine GDP plant or bud (Genuine GDP is clone only. There are no seeds from the original strain), all genuine GDP product is basically the same as all other genuine GDP plants and buds. Aside from minor differences based on growing and curing techiniques of competent growers, the look, the smell, the taste and medicinal effects should be close to the same. The only notable difference can come if what you have is a bogus counterfiet example of the real thing, or a horribly botched grow by someone who has no business selling to dispensaries or running a collective! Both of these are a far bigger problem than most MMJ patients realize!

Same goes for Bluecheese, Purple Urkle, you name it. If the seeds or clones were not from a decendant of the original strain or the first crossbred plant, then you don't have genuine seeds, plants or buds from that strain... PERIOD. Folks can argue that others have crossed the same strains and thus have the same thing, but that is debateable. I was told that the owner of Medicinal Organic Nursery was the person who created Blueberry Cheese first. I have not attempted to prove or disprove that claim myself, but I feel that my BC plant's physical appearance and bud production speaks for itself.

On the other side of the coin, tonight I saw on the MON web site that they will soon be selling GDP seeds. Unless they have figured out a way to get a genuine GDP clone to produce viable seeds in quantity, that claim kind of calls into question their credibility, and has me concerned. :50:

Personally, I don't have the energy to get all wrapped up in the minutia of posting in this forum, so as I said, I'll leave that up to you and the moderators. Just thought it would be a good idea to give folks out there more info to consider if they are attempting to buy not only dried bud of a specific strain, but clones or seeds as well.


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I'll chime in briefly...

This site is broken into various subforums. This particular area is for strain reviews - or smoke reports, if you prefer. We have another area for Plant and Bud photo's, and that is where I would expect to find pix of plants and the associated dried buds. I know I could get pix of plants as well, since I've been doing photo shoots of grow operations recently...but I just don't see the added value to the strain reviews, especially when we have such an extensive "Grow Room" on 420 Magazine - providing a wealth of information and support.

As to consolidation...I thought about this extensively, and after discussing it with other Staff/Admin decided to make each member have their own thread - with others to reply to or follow up reviews posted (I have several "favorite strains" that I pick up when available and add to my previous review thread for that strain). Also, it really does make sense to be able to search out a reviewer that has similar problems, or is in your area and is reviewing Collectives you are a member of.

My take on clones and strains. While I agree that real GDP (or Blue Dream or other strains - especially clone only) should be fairly consistent, slight changes in nutes, temps, grow media, location, indoor/outdoor, etc can greatly impact the final product. I've seen 2 cutting of GDP produce drastically different looking plants/buds (color and shape of colas) - both from same mother plant. Again, this is based on research and talking to numerous growers, as I do not grow myself (I've also found that there are a great number of patients that do not grow, due to time, space, family, etc).

Lastly, I don't normally respond to questions about the sites policies in a thread, but just to clarify the 50 posts and PM issue, our policy here is to require members to have 50 posts before they can send a Private Message. This policy is designed to prevent hookups, and was developed due to repeated feedback from our valued members about solicitation and spam via private message.

I hope I got all the various questions/concerns..please feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any others.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

:peace: and :Namaste:
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