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Blue Chunk

Scott Wheelman

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Strain Name: Blue Chunk

From: River Valley Collective

When: June 2011

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid

Price: $95/quarter oz

Looks: Frosty bright blue-green nugs

Smell: sweet & fresh…with a hint of fruit/berries

Taste: A nice and sweet flavor of cannabis mixed with blueberries

Buzz Type: Upbeat and cerebral

Buzz Length: 2 hours +/-

Best Medicinal Use: Depression and mood enhancement

Overall: Similar to the recent local blends of Train Wreck, one of the local Master Growers really likes Blueberry for a “mixer” (hence the recent review of Blue Venom and NLx Blueberry). His most recent batch produced this strain entitled, “Blue Chunk” – and it’s obviously got Blueberry in its lineage based on the taste and smell. While a hybrid, the buzz this strain produces is predominantly a sativa buzz – highly energetic and upbeat. I made the mistake of smoking this late one evening I really needed rest, and ended up out for a long ride by moonlight to work off the buzz. Blue Chuck is great for keeping you alert and awake, while you enjoy the cerebral aspects of this mood enhancing high.









Scott Wheelman

Legal Advisor
420 Staff
The last 3 pix are shot with a microscope at approximately 400x...I try to add several microscope pix to all my reviews I've done since the beginning of the year.

The others were shot with my 100mm Macro lens...

:peace: and :Namaste:


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Ahh cycle we need smellervision looks eff-in delicious
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