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Blue dream clone, first grow! Help!

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So I bought a BD clone from the nearest shop. I was vegging it, and on the 1st week my light fell and snapped my clone into three part like an accordion. I tried taping it up at first and left it for a couple of days then decide just to make them all into clones. Well I just stuck it out on my balcony for a week and a half and the middle portion didn't make it but the top portion is still hanging in there. It's super yellow and isn't making too much of a come back, now the bottom piece which only had one leaf left on it started sprouting(I was amazed). Im now on the 5th week of having the clone, I started veging right after I saw the sprout out of the main stem which was 2-2.5 weeks ago. I've been using cal-mag+ for a couple of days because it had a mag deficiency, but is looking good now. Here's some pictures of it right now, this is my first grow so I'm still new to everything.
:welcome:Kolton! You have come to the right place for help with a grow! :) I have found not only the amount of knowledge but the willingness to help of the members here to be indispensable for my own grow. I was wondering if you had any specific questions? Also, I'm curious how you know your plant had a magnesium deficiency? Is there a way to test for that? I have found a great way to get answers is to use the frequently asked questions.... I would guess there is very little that hasn't been asked here already. :) And I used the "search" feature all the time. Again WELCOME! And good luck. :peace:
welcome to :420:

just remember that at that size she wont support much weight .. i would clone the clone so u have a bigger stonger plant to flower when u complete the fist flowered clone .
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For sure, that's what I've been thinking she's not too sturdy but definitely more developed than the pic above. I'm still waiting to see if I can get the branches to get alittle bit thicker but more than likely goin to flower in a few weeks anyways. I'll just brace it up and pray for the best.
next time put it staright in 12\12 and it will develop one big main cola and wont focus on side branching . hell its small enough it might do that anyway .
Looks awesome man. I've had some crazy stuff happen to young plants in the past and it seems like the plants that were damaged or stressed are the ones that finish a little more sticky and a bit more girthy.