Blue Dream - White Widow - 2 Gallon Pots - Soil/Organic - 600 Watt HPS


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(3) Blue Dream from HSO, (1) White Widow from Dinafem and (1) White Widow from Seedsman

My first run using some homemade organic soil. Also first time grow of Blue Dream and White Widow

VEG: (4 to 6) 26 watt CFL's "daylight" 6500K "cool"
Flower: 600 watt HPS
2 gallon pots with soil
fertilizers? maybe/organic? maybe some FoxFarms trio

Initial Soil: (2 gallons FFOF, 1 gallon topsoil, 1 gallon perlite)+(3 tablespoons garden lime, 3 tablespoons of Plant-Tone)+ water and a good mixing.

Then I started reading some organic threads and decided to try making my own soil. Also the potential to re-use soil.

I will be transplanting into a more organic style of soil mix using 2 gallon pots. Soil has been conjugating for 2 months.

My Soil (7.5 gallons = 1 cu. Ft.)

2.5 gallons peat moss [2.2 cu. ft. bail $12]
2.5 gallons worm compost [2 cu. ft. $15]
2.5 gallons perlite [8.8 Liters: $12]
1.0 gallon Fox Farms Ocean Forrest [$30 @1.2 cu. ft.]
1.0 gallon “Bumper Crop” Compost [$12 @1 cu. ft.]
1 cup “Garden Lime” (per cubic foot) [6.75 lbs. $18]

Nutritional amendments (2 to 3 cups total per cu. ft.)
1.5 cups Kelp Meal [6 lbs. $18]
1 cup Plant Tone [4 lbs. $10]
0.5 cup Bone Meal [4 lbs. $8]
0.5 cup Crab Meal [4 lbs. $15]

[{Neem meal (top dress?)}] [4 lbs. $15]

Mineral amendment
4 cups Glacial Rock Dust (per cubic foot) [7 lbs. $10]

Organic ZEALOTS, please don’t freak out because I am not promising this will be an all organic grow using sustainable ingredients. I am in a transition… the worm becoming a butterfly type of stuff…pukes in mouth a little bit… gulp.

Available Nutes: FoxFarm Trio: Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom. Also Cal/Mag, Garden Lime, Plant Tone, Tomato Thrive, Super Thrive and Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses.

Foliar Spray: Grow Big or combination of stuff. (I don't usually do to many foiler sprays)

Broke ground around 5/26/15

(7/21) From seed, 1/2 gallon pots

Current only 4 CFL's on with some shop lights overhead.

2 upfront and right are White Widow. 3 in the back are Blue Dream
Transplanted to 2 gallon pots. I am used to checking run off so I did with this organic set up. Watered with 7.0 and run off is 6.5 ish. I don't use PPM meter but the run off looks a little bit rich. But, I am very happy so far with the run off PH.

I also used 1/2 tsp. of Granular Endo Mycorrhizae at the base of the roots and top dressed with 1/8 cup of Neem Seed Meal.

Only running four 26 watt 6500K CFL's and two 40 watt cool white shop lights for VEG. I usually run up to six 26 watt CFL's but two have burned out.

Took 2 clones from each plant. HST to all the main plants. The Blue Dream took the HST well. The White Widow seemed a little more brittle and I was a little more careful to break the fibers before bending.

I always clone in seed starter soil. This time I had some rapid rooters and I did a hybrid soil/rapid rooter. Hoping the soil keeps the rapid rooter moist because I am not using a 1/4 inch of water in a tray like the instructions say.





Present and accounted for Sir!

You don't need to ever be concerned with ph when growing in living organic soil. Your soil will buffer it for you. Step away from the PH meter!
You don't need to ever be concerned with ph when growing in living organic soil. Your soil will buffer it for you. Step away from the PH meter!

:rofl: Old habits are hard to break. I will probably check it periodically just to satisfy my curiosity. :high-five:
It may just be an unnecessary step but the worst that can happen from it is nothing.
Going to be out of town for 5 to 6 days. Wife is going to try and take care of the plants. She is a little nervous and thinks they will all die.

I don't think the big plants will need watered, maybe once. Mainly just having her take the domes off briefly one time per day for air exchange on the clones.

See you in a week!
you married a keeper.


Back from my fishing trip.

1 clone died secondary to mold. Some of the Blue Dream clones look iffy. The White Widow clones all look good.

Put the Blue Dream and White Widow in the flower room. 2 gallon pots. Estimating 3 feet high after stretch. It is kind of crowded in there. Looks like 4 plants would be the max for this hood. 60K to 70k Lux at center. The closest plant "mini" white widow which is the runt is only getting around 30k lux. Light is 16 inches above plants.

Running cycle at night for lower temps secondary the summer heat.


Blue Dream and White Widow. HST'd a few branches tonight to try and get the height under control. :goodluck:

added an oscillating fan
2 weeks since the flip to 12/12

Decided to defoliate to slow the stretch a little and open up the plant. Did some minor trimming of sucker branches and some others that I thought would cause problems down the road. A couple were growing into each other and I think they may have developed mold potentially... snip. Problem taken care of :)


After: I would call this pretty aggressive defoliation


Never did much defoliating in VEG. I am trying it on these to see if it makes tighter nodes.

Not to much to report. PH run off is in the 6.0 to 6.5 range. If I let the PH tester sit with the water in it I noticed it creeps up to 6.8 to 7.0'ish PH in the tester. Must be the microbes :)

Not spending to much time on 420 lately. Work, vacation and the big time sink... Online gaming.

Take care everyone!
It may just be an unnecessary step but the worst that can happen from it is nothing.

Excellent point BAR. I'll keep this in mind.
Hope all is well in your world.

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