Blue Dream x Tutankhamon x Green Crack

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Hi all,

First of all I want to thank this forum for the amazing amount of knowledge I have been able to build since last July . This allowed me to make a successful first grow. It was a good opportunity to experience things and learn so much
I ll try not talk to much so let s jump to the current grow!

Strains : FEMINIZED blue dream (HSO), green crack (HSO) and pyramid-seeds Tutankhamon

Grow medium : soil biocanna x biobizz light mix x Lechuza PON (good to put under the and over the soil for good drain)

Pots : 5L for the first 4 weeks then between 20L and 25L

Grow room : closet 120cm x 50 cm x 190cm

Lights : BESTVA 2000w + 1500w + 1000w + roleadro 300w + 2x Zjchao 1000w

I know it a lot but it didn't came in once. I bought it from last July to December. The effective power consumption of all those lights is around 1000w. I also bought a lux meter to keep canopy to around 80000 lux. From what I could see on different websites over than that is waste. In fact I read a weed plant couldn't survive under constant 100000 lux (direct sun on a bright day). I also saw many grow journals where I saw nice plants but under not enough lights and it was always leading to poor harvest. Anyway if you read different websites you find all the information about perfect lux for weed. All those leds at the same time make the temp going around 32 degrees Celsius even with the big fan on. That's why I bought a winflex extractor TT Silent M 150mm 550m3/h. I m using a 125mm duct cause the 150mm is too big for me. Anyway it s very efficient as it bring cold air from outside in (around 10 degrees Celsius outside) and lower the temp of the grow room to around 26 degrees with lights on

Temperature : between 20-28 degrees

Humidity inside grow room : 30% (since 3 weeks)

I had never planned to subscribe or the net as you have to hide etc... So my pictures are not very good and I don't have a lot but I tried to to my best to improve it the most I could with pics app on my phone.

Day 23

Sorry didn't have pictures before that. So as you can see there are some information on the picture. This was taken a few days after topping. I topped once all plants then let it recover. Green crack was 1 week older than the rest but seems to be growing slower although it was the only one in 10L pot vs 5 for the others at that step.

Day 34

Tutankhamon and Blue dream transplanted in 10L pot

Day 45

As you can see day 48 was day of LST. I also did some fimming to prevent some branch to grow faster that other one and to promote main colas. It worked so well on one of the tutankhamon you ll see the results in next picture.

I also tried to defoliate one of the two king tut so I could compare the two plants. It seems like king tut doesn't like it much as it just slowed growth more than anything else. I know not all varieties love being defolatied.
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I don't have pics right after defoliation but I had removed all big fan leaves hopping to have more bud sites growing after they would recover. But as you can see on the next picture the non defoliated plant did much better.

Green crack also took benefit from fimming.

So here are the latest pics :

Transplanted 2 days ago the tallest of the two blue dream in a 20L pot but not profound. Good is too prevent it from getting to high

Next is the other blue dream on the left. Transplanted in 25L pot but deeper than the other one. As the plant was smaller I hope it I'll be as tall as its sister with this deeper pot allowing more height! On the right is the green crack. She now has 30L to spread roots. In my previous grow I had a green crack in a 10L rectangle pot ( 14cm depth). After 5 weeks veg the plant was looking like that but never got taller when flipped to flowering. After some research I think it s because the pot wasn't profound enough. It s after that I understand how pot depth affect size. So I hope when I flip into flowering that time I ll get a bigger plant

Then here is tutankhamon :

now in 25L

I need some advice. I don't want to have a non stretching green crack anymore. But at the mean time one of the king tut is already almost 45 cm. Gc is 33cm. Do you think I should go into flower now or I can wait a bit for the green crack to Grow?

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Even if I feel alone in that thread I ll just share that I finally didn't go into flowering. The plant in the video only had 4 tops. My plants have around 10 and 20 tops. So I guess it takes more time for the plant to go multiple tops than only 4. It made me remind as I often saw video were growers had wonderful topped and fimmed plant and even mainlined ones. But they were put in flowering too early preventing buds to grow on enough tall branches. This was resulting in as many yields as as a regular topped plant put to flower at 4-6 weeks instead of the 2 months (required to achieve good mainlining with multiple tops). So I ll flip in two weeks as I have defoliated all the plants but will wait till they regain all there leaves so that I don't have any loss after flowering
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The Crack will stretch once you flip. If space is a problem, then I would go ahead and flip them now.
Thanks for your input. I ll post a picture later to show my space. It will be easier to show which space I have.

Cause I had flipped a green crack like that on flowering :

And it didn't stretch. But I think it is because the pot was only 10L with 6inches depth. But I wish someone could confirm my thoughts. Now it s in 30L pot with 15 inches depth so I guess that time I should see a true stretch?! What do you think about it? Also I think that a plant with multiple tops stretches less than a regular one or one with only 2 or 3 main tops. In fact, most of the time when I see scrogs grows, the plants are short even when there was enough vertical space that could have allowed more stretch. So I think this happens as maybe people think the plant will stretch as it should, but forget the fact the plant will maybe take more time to grow multiple tops. I don't know if I m clear enough (not native English speaker sorry)
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Some pics update as I did some lst to maximize the grow space :

Here is green crack before lst on Saturday 27.01 :

Green crack 3 days later :

Blue dream before lst 1 week ago :

Blue dream done on Sunday morning then result today :

Some pictures of the grow space showing in the back Blue dream on the left sharing split 60L pot with Green crack. I split the pot into 2 equal 30L parts.

As you can see I should be good for more vertical grow :

I should maybe flip into flowering cause of my little bigger tutankhamon, but I prefer waiting for the green crack and the blue dream to grow more as I really want a good harvest, and as I saw in the YouTube video I had linked previously that the plants could grow vertically well even if the space isn't very large and give high yields! The guy in the video had more than 600g with 6 plants smaller than mine before flip to flowering, and same kind of grow space. Plus my plants have way more tops and I truly believe it plays a major role in how much the plant will stretch when flip to flowering!


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If in doubt, flip. It's better to have a short plant than a plant you can't contain in the space available. And with the additional room for roots your plants will likely be larger than your last grow.

A suggestion: turn off your blurple lights and use natural white light when you take photos. It's impossible to judge plant health under those colored lights.
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If in doubt, flip. It's better to have a short plant than a plant you can't contain in the space available. And with the additional room for roots your plants will likely be larger than your last grow.

A suggestion: turn off your blurple lights and use natural white light when you take photos. It's impossible to judge plant health under those colored lights.
OH you re so right with the pictures. Next ones will be better!

Regarding your advice I m still hesitating. Did you have a chance to see this video? That size doesn't scare me for example :

Actually that's what I m looking for.

He flipped earlier than me but the plants had way less tops so I guess mine won't grow that much
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Just saw this thread, how about keeping it going.... I'd like to see how that Tutenkahmon turns out, as I have just started 2 in Coco this morning.
Welcome! I ll put more pictures of it from now for you as I know how it feels when you would like to see how your plants could look when they get older