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Blue Dream


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Strain Name - Blue Dream
From - Probably From California.
When - 4/2
Price - :( My prices are all the same and sad.
Type - Hybrid
Genetics- Blueberry (80%indica/20sat) x Super Silver Haze (sat/ind mix)
Appearance- Frosty nugs, giving it a light green appearance. Light orange hairs, like on the other reviews of this strain. Very dense, more so than I like. But it breaks up with a minimal effort.
Smell - Nice, more of a "fresh" scent than a Blueberry or fruity aroma. I think of this as more the "haze" smell. When its burned, it still smells quite nice and fresh. It will stink up your room like any good cannabis, but its not an abrasive smell by any means.
Taste - Much like the smell. More hazy than fruity, but has that blueberry accent. Very smooth smoke.
Type of Buzz - More of a "up" high. Its a great mix between indica and sativa. A nice cerebral day buzz, but has enough stone to let you sleep if you so want.
Length of Buzz - I would say a nice sized bowl about 2 hours. Maybe a little less.
Best Medicinal Use - I was feeling nauseated before writing this report, and everyone will have to wait for pictures while I get some food! Has a good relaxing feel too. :439:
Overall - I would recommend it to anyone. If you can't get a bunch of types this is a good "do all" mix of sativa and indica effects.
Pictures in next post! Woohoo!! :party:


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Apologies to everyone... The past few days have been pretty difficult for me. I burned through the two blue strains I was going to post fast. Its been around so I will get a little on friday when I have money. Sorry guys! I'm pretty sure it will be the same batch, it isn't moving too fast. :smokin2:

Gonna write up what I have a little of now.. Pictures before I post anything is my new rule. Lesson learned!:allgood: The new one is Maui Diesel. :surf: ALOHA!

I think I need to determine a grading system. Gonna visit that "understanding your high" thread and see if it can help :peace2:


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Thank you! This community is really helpful :rasta:
The problem unfortunately is with my camera.
Anyone know how to take close ups with a Nikon cool pix s4?
The only other thing I have is a Eye clops. But its like a microscope camera thing so I can't get bud shots. And also a bit difficult to get shots on!
I might have a whole evening now, so I guess I will figure it out...
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