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Blue Mystic and Full Moon - Please help


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hi first post very nervous. also im dyslexic so i apologies in advance for that as well.

In summary: third grow

seeds- blue mystic and full moon non feminized despite the fact all seven seem to be females.

Room- new grow room 47 long 35 wide and 51 height in the front 31 weight in the back the closet is big but its got a roof tilt in it because i live in an a frame. room is covered in mylar head to toe got it for free from a friend or i would of done white paint. temp was an issue at first hot summer days but its getting cool fast and im sure the insulation will help when it gets cooler. back of closet is the intake and outtake fans are. and in front aimed at lights on the top lights which are my higher powered ones. i then have five wood polls about five inches in from the walls nailed into the ground with lower powered lights to hit the lower branches. so while i gave you the room size im not using it all the back isnt all being used and from the walls in about five inches on each side.

Lights: currently on the 2700k flowering lights. from my understanding these are not equivalents these are actual. have 6 150watts. 11 of the 100 watts. and 14 of the 75 watt equivalents. the 75 watt ones may have one or two tops 6500k mixed in with them. unsure as they dont have labels on them like the rest and the 150's are actually 2800k.

Now i know most ppl arent a fan of cfl but i needed to do cfl. first off my house has one breaker for all of the upstairs. ran heavy duty cords threw the walls into laundry room and living room to split fans and lights between three breakers. had no issues. plus roomate can still use ac and vacume etc.

Soil. used potting mix to start. then had a worm compost that was purely banana peels egg shells
coffee grinds and maybe one or two dried out and crushed orange peels. that turned into worm castings. I then added a bit of bone meal to the soil during flowering. id say that was twenty to thirty percent of the soil. per lite was another twenty percent. and the rest of the soil was soil from my yard where my compost bin had been the following year. this soil was high in clay and did cause root bound early into veg. issue was fixed with per lite. just tested soil and water before post. water is close to 6 run off closer to 6.5. also added additonal crushed egg shells to keep sluugs away outside and last three grows had hollow stems.

Ferts. been doing half the reccomended ferts but for veg i was using fish fert 5.1.1 recommends 2 teaspoons eveyr three weeks im doing maybe one teaspoon once a week a small small amount of bone meal. for veg i really havent had to use much nutes yet but when i do it will be Neptune harvest 2.3.1 recommends one teaspoon for a gallon every two weeks im doing one teaspoon per gallon and a half every week and a half. also once a week a small amount of hydrogen peroxide 3% added to a gallon to aerate soil and help with compact soil even tho it seems to no longer be an issue.

pot size- oldest plant in a 5 gallon pot others are in 3 or 2 gallon pots would of loved to use larger pots but space became a factor

1.5 gallons every two days between 7 plants. water ph 6.0-6.3 only had one plant go thru dehydration this seems to work pretty well. plant that does have signs of dehydration happened because roomate threw a party and i couldn't water till following morning. will add more water if plants seem to need it and now that flowering has begun im probably doing closer to two gallons. this is tap water i don't let it sit out and i use rain water similar ph when avaliable .

it is a closet grow during lights on i have three fans going one small metal fan aimed at lights. one in back of closet toward the top sucking air out. one lower down sucking air in. air is being vented int o a large crawl space area. the venting fans are the box fans

Odor Control non existant. but smell has not been an issue. possibly due to high temps in veg

temperature- during veg most of the grow was done outside. i then bought two plants in under twenty four hour lights didn't have all the lights at time but at peak temps were ninety degrees. some new neighbors moved in and

i made a rash decision to move all the plants inside. let them veg for another three weeks indoors.

the oldest plant which is a blue mystic vegged for close to three month. no lst till end same with topping didnt do it till last two weeks of veg and i only did it because of space issues. just measured it is 32 inches from soil to tip. this one was slightly lolipopped but for most part maintains christmas tree look to it. i did lst some of the side branches and it has gotten more bushy.

my second oldest plant blue mystic which was first to show flowering was an accident a seed didn't take and ended up in my garden with a mint plant. began to grow exponentially had an awesome root system and was one of my only plants to not get root bound of course detangling it from the mint was a bitch. that one also blue mystic is two month and two to three weeks old. 16 inces from soil to top. no lst at all no lolipopping. nothing special but first to show sex.

now we have my two full moons they are maybe two months old tops. saying closer to one month three weeks. grew incredibly fast had them pegged for males. one is definitely a fem other is on the rocks.

1st full moon 23 inches from soil to tip has 2 15 inch main stems. one 1 foot stem and two half a foot stems. refuses to show sex think its a female none of the plants have anything resembling balls.

2nd full moon from soil to tip height point is 15 this one is tied down like a spider and has 5 10-12 inch main stems.

now the last three plants were only a month old before i started flowering. they are much smaller one is definitely female. all these plants were topped nice and early and have two main colas. i then tied them down and they resemble spiders.

1 has 2 main stems at its peak it is 14 inches from soil to tip. and two 12 inch very thick steams. they are tied down forming a circle more or less with lst. 110 percent positive its a girl

2 - 16 inches from soil to ground max height. 2 10 inch main sites. 3 7 inch side stems. looks healthy 79 percent positive its a girl.

3 third one i cant measure but very similar to 1st with lost more side branches. also severe light bun on multipe main leaves because a cfl fell on top of it still 75% positive its a girl/.

overall i think they are all females i dont see balls and i do see hairs on the ones im unsure of not necessarily white hairs.

12/12 lights were switched on 8/10 . last week i went to 11/13 to help me sex better. its closer to 11.5/12.5 lights on at 10:15 off at 9:45. lights are on during night time i checked for light leeks first week and saw none no fans or timers have lights and light made not a spec checked timers three times for malfunctions cant see any . so i was worried mostly impatient and added a layer of card board around door. still not satisfied i put up a blanket. some of them are sexing so i don think light leek is issue for plants that i cant sex. my first two grows were so easy to tell the sex but in different room . still cant seem to figure out why some of them look far into flowering and other still look very close into it i really dont want to take pictures if possible hence why i tired to provide as much detail as possible i didnt even want to post in a forum.

so now the problems. besides things i know i did and fixed like the lights falling on the plants and a few cases of nute burn.

pests - had lady bugs they are good so im not worried maybe these are the larva but i dont think so i just looked at pictures of them i have white bugs in a few of the pots. this could be from transitioning from inside to out. they look like spring tailes. but they are whiter and less see thru. i also have ants. in the biggest pot i believe but also in my house in general. i did lightly use a cinnamon water cayenne peeper garlic borax mix on a watering the other day it seemed to hurt the plant a little but ants are still there saw one carrying a baby today that was three days ago i used the homemade insecticide. plant seems to have bounced back. i now tried borax around the outside of the plant water dish mixed with sugar water in hopes this works. i also put cinnamon around all the plants and mixed a bit in the soil. i also have noticed mili pede or centi pedes with white bugs is this the larva form possibly the with bugs? i got one out today and killed it. my picture of it sucks my phone sucks i would upload that picture but i doubt it would help. it is a red brown less then a centimeter or two long . the wite bugs are tiny but visible with naked eye can i put to much cinnamon in my plant ? could these pests be slowing down flowering>?

I also do get occasional nute burn am i using to much nutes should i cut back more. when i cut back i notice signs of nute deficiency and bottom leaves fall off. thought it was ph lock out but ph seems perfect surprisingly. could this be the ants or bug doing?

do i have enough lights. originally i designed this room with the thought of two to three plants im at seven. i thought id have at least one male. also didnt plan on bringing all them in but the circumstances called for it damn nosy neighbor i miss thirty dollar electric bills. i have someone i could give one or two of the plants to if they really are all girls do you think the room at the current light level can handle it ?

also my vent system is ghetto but its keeping temperature down unfortunately the plants on the outside get blasted with air causing wind burn in some. as temps lower i am able to lower some of the fans. could this be causing some of the issues,

again sorry im dyslexic this took hours to write. i will give you any other information needed. also anything i wrote is compleltly hypothetical and a work of fiction i would appreciate some good answers tho. sorry im a paranoid person.


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Got any pics?


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first one is the one i cant sex second picture is the dehydration it suffered a week ago third is second plan i cant sex four is a close up five is a cloese up of water damaged plant last one is the one that is flowering wel l in back has slight nute burn try to get better pics


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one i vegged for three months
my one that looks like a circle cant tell male female ?
male or female one the the two main stem ones
top of one of the females looks like bite marks in the plant >
plant that was growing with mint nute burn or deficientcy?
ne i really cant sex but leaning most towards male
top of plant i cant sex that i think is male
spider plant next to it that i cant sex
top of three month vegged plant im pretty sure female
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