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Blue Pearl

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Strain Name: Blue Pearl

From: Caregiver/grower

When: Nov 2010

Grade: A-

Type: Hybrid (sativa dominant)

Price: $95/quarter oz

Looks: Medium green with some darker leaves and orange hairs. Lots of trich coverage..

Smell: A scent taste of lemon and fresh greens

Taste: Typical floral/spicy haze with a bit of lemon. Very smooth smoke.

Buzz Type: Started slow and then the creeper set in to a very strong/trippy cerebral high.

Buzz Length: Medium to Long – I was pretty buzzed for around 1.5-2+ hours.

Best Medicinal Use: Mood improvement and social gatherings.

Overall: Another fairly strong and trippy sativa high from this strain. Produced a couple hours of “perma-grin” - to the point my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much with a couple friends. We must have discussed everything from global warming to our kids favorite toy during the afternoon of smoking this strain. A strain to be careful with, as the creeper nature of the high hit unexpectedly hard about 20-30 minutes after I smoked a joint; which can be problematic for a strong upbeat/trippy buzz.








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Blue Pearl typically forms around nine single colas that are cone shaped, and dense. These buds produced from Blue Pearl are beautiful and picture perfect. It has minimal foliage with dark green coloration and skinny, finger-like leaves. Silver Pearl, the mother of Blue Pearl is a fast growing Sativa that balances out the typical super-long growing season of most Sativas. Due to the quick finishing time, Blue Pearl can be grown successfully outdoors between 45 degrees North and 45 degrees South, a wide range. Blue Pearl also is relatively good yielder when compared to other similar plants. A two foot tall plant will yield an average of 20 to 30 grams.

Blue Pearl has the characteristic Sativa high that people like. It is very up and practically psychedelic. Blue Pearl also has great flavor that is mild but is citrusy and has a burst of lemon. It’s buzz is a creeper buzz that gradually builds up then kicks in with its psychedelic properties that will have you pondering the origins of the universe.
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