Blueberry 420, Pineapple Express, Limoncello, Auto Fruit Basket


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Hey guys, will be growing some auto flowers for my 1st time. This isy 3rd grow and 3rd journal!

Strains are:
Blueberry 420
Pineapple Express

All from Amsterdam Marijuana seeds (fruit basket auto combo pack)

For soil I used half ocean forest and half happy frog. I will transplant in to 7g fabric pots when they get here this week. In the 7g I'll be layering fox farm strawberry fields in the bottom, ocean forest in middle, happy frog mixed with ocean forest on top portion. Will also be mixing perlite, insect frass, alfalfa meal in with the fox farm soil..

Light is a sprider farmer sf4000
Tent is a 4x4 ac infinity
Controller and 6in inline fan are also ac infinity.

I also have some photos growing in another journal in a 5x5 tent. Come hang out!


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will be growing some auto flowers for my 1st time.
Looking forward to reading your journal, Next spring will be my 1st time as well growing auto's. Though I'll be growing outdoor.
Good luck with your grow.


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Well all 5 seeds planted have sprouted :ganjamon:

I germinated these seeds in the dirt for the 1st time. Last time I did this (the 1st grow I did) I did the soak in water for 24hrs then I put in paper towel, then went to dirt. This made it simple for me because I could leave my light on 24hrs a day to keep the soil and space warm. I had the sf4000 set to 20% which was about 8000 lux at plant level. Light was about 2.5-3ft from cups.

Turned the light up to 25% and will leave it there until I see another set of leaves. Light is now going 18/6 soon as all of them got above dirt. Also took the bags I had on them to help with humidity. I pulled each bag off as they popped up above soil.

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Nice start @The new grower

I thing I will grab a seat over by the dab bar, if you are looking for me. :19:

Have you grown any of these strains before?

You are going to have your hands full with 5 plants in 7 gallon pots inside a 4x4 tent, should be interesting.

Also, I like your setup. :welldone:

Stay safe, and grow well my friend,

Tok.. :bong:


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Thanks @Tokin Roll , this will be my 1st go at any of these strains! You may be right about having my hands full, I really have no idea what to expect with these. So you may be seeing me at the dab bar too for some stress relief once it gets more busy haha. Also 1st time growing with led, so lots of 1st on this one.

Looking forward to having ya around my friend :48:


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Hey everyone, hope all is well!

Little update on the autos.

Checked them out this morning and some of them didn't look to happy. So I figured it was just time to transplant. Transplanted into the 7g pot. I wish I would of just started them in these pots to be honest. I forgot to wet the 1st one down before transplanting and the dirt just crumbled away, so I stuffed the roots in nice as I could and I'm crossing my fingers it doesn't stress out to much.

Pineapple express has shown some weird leaf coloring from the get go (1st pic). Hoping this one rebounds and clears up now that it in the new pot. After transplanting them I lightly watered around the roots.

soil I put FF strawberry fields on bottom 3 or 4in of the pots, rest of the soil was FFOF. Mixed in perlite, insect frass, and alfalfa meal in to the soil as well.

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Hi there thenewgrower. Everything is poking like you are all set up well. Babies coming up. How's it been going over the last week?


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Hey @Krissi1982 it's been going good! Was actually going to update journals today so good timing! Watered couple of days ago, have my sf4000 dimmed down to 200w 40ish%. So far I think they are happy. One of the blueberry sure is taking off in compared to the others!

I see you have a blueberry strain going as well, I'll be stopping in to check it out!

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Hey @Tokin Roll not to bad! How about yourself?

As for nutrients I have the fox farm nutes. I use cal mag, fish shit, Recharge, insect frasses, and alfalfa meal. I have been trying to use less bottle nutes and more slow release nutes and compost teas! I have not used cal mag on these autos yet however

Glad to hear it's not unusual, I hadn't seen this before. Was thinking to myself oh boy starting out with a issue from square 1 lol


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Hey everyone, 7days since last update. It's been going okay I'd say. I'm still working on getting used to when to water these plants. It's been slightly harder for me to tell if there thirsty vs my other grow with photos. They seem a bit more dramatic than the photo periods as well. Training will be starting in next couple days, I have been tucking leaves back behind bud sites but haven't done much tying down yet. Watered 4days ago plain water PhD 6.3.


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Hey everyone, hope all is well! Another weed down with the autos. So far it's been a interesting ride. There is definitely a learning curve to these. For some reason I find it much harder to tell when they want water. All though I think I'm starting to get on track. I also have turned my sf4000 up to 95% was at 50ish % (200w) up until 3 or 4 days ago. I do wonder if I should of turned it up higher earlier?

Anyways just fed them some recharge and calmag. Next time I water I'm going to give them some nutes.


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Well I pulled pineapple express today. Was showing amber and milky trics! This plant stay short and STOCKY. Main cola got pretty fat! Blueberry are still going, one is going to be pulled in the next few days. It was ahead of the other 2 blueberry.
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