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Blueberry & Moby Dick - Soil Grow

Sea Horse

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I agree with Beast27 on the importance of giving the plants a good start. I am also growing Blueberry and am very interested in how your grow turns out. I'll have to admit that I was very concerned when I saw the early pics of them in the terrarium with the long skinny stems. Like Beast27, I hope your girls turn out fantastic. Please keep us updated so that we can learn from your experience. Thanks for starting this journal and keep up the good work.


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Day 41, both ladies are receiving full strength nutes right now. Both ladies have taken really well to the nutes. One of the ladies has had a huge growth spurt, making me question whether I labeled the pots wrong.

It has been brought to my attention, and rightly so that these ladies aren't going to reach their full potential. Sadly I've thought this the second I put them in the terrarium and didn't have the proper light coverage. If I'm being completely honest I really should of started them after my Blue Widow was harvested, so I could give them the lighting they needed/deserved. Lesson learned for sure, won't be doing that for the next time I grow Autos. I appreciate the two that have recently brought that to light, already confirming what I was already thinking.


Sea Horse

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Your girls are looking nice, particularly the one on the left... which one is the Blueberry?
Also, I've been thinking about your terrarium and maybe you can still use it to start your seedlings with some success. What I was wondering was if you put anything (I use styrofoam blocks.) under the seedling pots to raise them up closer to the fluorescent lights? I have found that I can use fluorescent light to start my little girls but they need to be really close to the bulbs since this type of light is not really that strong and doesn't have the penetrating power of say a HPS setup. Just wondering...
Also, I notice your tent setup and I realize that heat can be a problem so you are limited in your choice of lights because of that reason. It seems (by looking at your pictures) that your bulbs are of a high K value and appear to be bluish in color. I don't know which particular bulbs you are using in your tent, but if you are wanting to get more production from the plants during the flowering (budding) stage, you may want to consider going to a lower K value which will be more of a cool white than a bluish color. Disregard this if your bulbs are full spectrum bulbs... maybe I need to go back and re-read your earlier posts, but I'm feeling lazy tonight. LOL.
One more little tip... When I have two or more plants side-by-side like you are showing in the picture, I try to elevate the shorter plant(s) so that the top of each plant will be the same distance from the light source. This will increase your lighting efficiency and will pay off with more growth over the long haul. Like I said earlier, I use packing styrofoam boards and break them up into the size I need to elevate the pots. As the plants grow taller I remove the styrofoam sheets as necessary. Just saying...
Oops... I almost forgot, and this may be irrelevant if your bulbs are full spectrum bulbs. If you find that your plants are growing taller than you would like, I think that you might find that using the cool white bulbs will limit the growth somewhat while still allowing decent flowering. Of course I'm sure that you are aware that you can force the plant into flowering at any growth stage... I'm just throwing some "stuff" out there for you to consider. I'm sure you don't have enough to think about already. LOL.
Keep us updated. I am thrilled that your girls have recovered so well and am looking forward to any and all future updates.


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Nice update ur ladies look very happy and healthy:) nice work.everything i know i have learned as i have gone along read up alot and alot of good lads on 420 mag also full of info.never be shy to ask anything mate if u in doubt about anything.we are all here to help and share our info;) and mistakes my friend is all in the process of growing and will make u better grower as u go:) go luck il be watching;)


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Day 46, things are going well so far. So I have determined that I mislabeled the plants. It is now quite easy to tell which is which.
Blueberry, she seems to be in flowering mode, so I'm thinking of switching her over from veg nutes to flower nutes. Technically the plant should be ripe 11 weeks from being put in the soil and I'm not there. Her leaves have widened to look more like the indica she is. She really hasn't started to put off any kind of aroma just yet. She's a very heavy drinker, two days and the soil is bone dry again.


Moby Dick, is progressing quite nicely. She's able to stand on her own. I left the stick in the soil just in case she's unable to maintain herself when the flowers really start to develop. She's got some pistils developing on numerous nodes. She's not as big of a drinker as the Blueberry though, it takes her a few more days to dry the soil out. She's very much a sativa very long narrow leaves. She got a little too close to my light fixture and slightly burnt the ends of her leaves. I'd say she's probably about 2ft tall which is what I was expecting having them in a 2gal container.


Some bad news to talk about, this will be my last grow for awhile. Come the end of the year I will be leaving Colorado and moving to Phoenix area for a couple months. So while I'm in AZ I will not be growing. Upon my return to come Colorado I will start with two plants. I'm going to grow Strawberry Cough and OG Kush x NYC Diesel. They both will be grown in 7gal containers and I'll be going 60 days in veg. Depending on my monetary situation at that juncture in time it will be a Doc Bud Hi Brix grow, and I will use my Fox Farm nutes for my tropical fruiting plants.


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Aziz, light!

Sad to hear that you're leaving CO, but good to know you'll be back. :)

Little miss Blueberry is looking pretty, and the Dick is looking very erect. If you don't mind, I suggest some LST for Miss Moby. That would allow you to lower the light and/or raise the plants so more buds could be closer to the light.

In my own tests with a 23w CFL and a light meter, I found that at 1/2" away, the light meter registered at about 2000 lumens. At 1" away, the light meter read 1000 lumens. At 2" away, it read 500 lumens. By the time I was 4" away, it barely registered at all. For comparison, I took the same meter outside in the sun, and it buried the needle at over 2500 lumens.

My point being that florescent lights have to damn near touch the buds if the are to come close to matching the intensity of the sun or HIDs or high-end LEDs. Since your florescent light is long, you can use that wide light coverage by training the plants to grow horizontally. It may be too late for the Blueberry, but your Moby could be trained slowly over a few days to lay horizontally. Don't worry too much about the stem breaking or bending. Any horixontal stress you apply to the plant will only strengthen the stem, just like wind. Some people even break the stem intentionally to force the plant to direct energy to other branches (called "Supercropping").

To play devil's advocate with myself, stressing an auto could stunt its growth and cause it to hermie. And maybe one big nug with a basket of tiny popcorn nugs is desirable. That said, I think the benefits of LST at this stage outweigh the risks. Okay, enough of my rambling.

Until next time, may your leaves be green and your buds be stinky!:Namaste:

David Bowman

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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