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Blueberry - Skunk #11 And White Widow


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Hi alls once again I'm starting a indoor grow.
My method will be deep water culture.
I'm using a 18gl rubber maid tote with it filled to 14gl
I have a airpump I will be using with dual outlets for two round airstones
My lights will be
4 x 28W LED Panels (Multi spectrum)
1x 90W UFO LED (specifically for vegetation)
2 x 240W UV LED ( specifically for flowering)
My Space is 2 x 2 x 5
I have a 4inch Inline fan with charcoal filter for cleaning the air
I have a 6 inch booster fan a 4 inch booster fan and a 6 inch clip on fan
I will be using Superthrive and the General hydroponics flora nutrients line (FloraGrow FloraBloom FloraMicro-HW FloraKleen FloraShield)

I will upload some pictures as soon as the cotolyn I think its called comes up :peace2:


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Re: Blueberry,Skunk #11 And White Widow

They have cracked w00t





Skunk on the left blueberry on the right



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Re: Blueberry,Skunk #11 And White Widow

I spent next to nothing.. the only real cost was the lighting and the tent the rest I had laying around the house ,Oh and the airpumps I bough those to
My other plant is a mixed up DWC its in a soil base with big holes cut in the bottom of the pot and the pot is in the bubble system with the roots hanging out, On this setup I'm using just rockwoll and hydroton and these are gonna be just my mother plants and will stay in veg for a long time to come, like my other mother i raised for a year (I'm flowering the old girl right now lol with her daughter in my 2x2 tent ) I'll move all clones into my tent for flowering when my other crop is done.:peace2:

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Oh yea im following this one to the end..nice work highteck.. and yes dwc is soo much fun im smitten by my ladies.. come check em out its linked in the sig..btw..:high-five:

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