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Plant of the Month: Sept 2011, Nov 2012 - Nug of the Month: Oct 2012
This genuine BC plant was grown from seed. The seeds were packaged and sold by Medicinal Organic Nursery of California. This was the only female plant out of the six seeds planted, and although that is a very poor ratio for a commercial seed product, this lone female did produce buds with some of the highest resin contents we have grown to date. It was also a physically beautiful specimen as you can see from the following photos.


Countdown to Harvest! • Was hard to bring myself to chop down this gorgeous plant! • Flowering Time at Harvest: 8 weeks

The striking frost blue color is not a trick of the light! It really looked like that!

Cola closeup showing the extensive trichome coverage

Hang Drying the Buds

Buds in final storage container

Final Yield: Just under 1 oz.

Nice color and a distinctive Blueberry aroma with a touch of cheese!

The trichomes on these buds are so thick that they sparkle even under ordinary room light. So sticky that they will stick to your finger if pressed and will stay stuck to your finger in midair!:16:

I will post a strain review of this harvest in a few weeks once the buds have fully cured. They still have about 2 weeks to go. ;)


Plant of the Month: Sept 2011, Nov 2012 - Nug of the Month: Oct 2012
Wow... those are some dank ass looking nuggies... good job!

Thanks Captain! :thumb:

A few more weeks of curing to mellow out the smoke and I will be ready to give these a try and write a review on them. Keeping my fingers crossed that they smoke nice and smooth with no harshness. With all that over the top resin on them, I worry that it might be too much of a good thing and smoke on the harsh side.

We shall see soon! :roorrip:


Plant of the Month: Sept 2011, Nov 2012 - Nug of the Month: Oct 2012
June 22nd, 2010

The Remaining Plant Begins to Regenerate!

The long and HOT summer days of the Sierra Nevada along with a steady diet of FoxFarms "Grow Big" liquid plant food is beginning to bring the surviving Blue Cheese plant back from the brink and firmly on the road to recovery and veg mode. The previously yellow and withered leaves on the day of harvest are being replaced with firm and healthy green ones!


In addition to the above regimen, I am also giving this plant a bi-weekly feed of Alaskan fish emulsion. It is our hope that by the end of the summer, this plant will have regenerated enough to act as a BC mother plant to provide some new clones for our next Blue Cheese flowering session planned for this fall.

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