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Grow Journal of the Month: July 2020
hi 420
we are at the beginning of

wk 8 flower

fade has started setting in. stuff is getting close.

color began showing up with the fade.

it's getting to be fall in the flower room lol

black indica bud with a bit of color.

rest of the plant. it's about the closest to done.

it's been one fantastic plant to grow. i would recommend this as a first time grower plant. i can't believe i nearly threw this one out. i'm going heavy on it for the next grow. more plants done smaller and flipped sooner. i can't fit these things in this space vegged for the length of time i went.

cheesy attempt at a trichome shot

mostly cloudy with a few clear and occasional ambers. it's easier to see in person, and i could use a slightly better loupe. thinking i'm about 2 wks out.

buds aren't monsters by any stretch, but they are more dense than i expected for the light coverage. i couldn't even guess at a possible harvest weight.

black indica bud

the cbdream are right with or just slightly behind the black indica. also a good first time plant.

poor thing all jammed up by the outlets lol. they have an amazing lemon smell. had my mom checking them out when i fed the plants, she was amazed at the different aromas each strain produces.

the cbdream are a great producer, i think they would be absolute monsters in a greenhouse or outdoor grow. even the two i'm growing should produce a decent amount of meds. a good first grow strain for those looking for a cbd plant.

the white cookies are the furthest back.

look at the piles of sugar leaf through the bud. i'm thinking they'd be good lst or scrogged to get the most benefit out of the bud sites. the bud sites are everywhere on this thing, but they are primarily popcorn. the buds are dense but small, and i'm not looking forward to trimming all that tiny leaf. i'm told it smokes better than the thc it claims, something in the 18%-20% range.

they are the furthest back and are kinda throwing a wrench into the plans. was hoping to use the space as a drying room after chop, but i may wanna leave these a couple extra weeks. they could still add a little bulk at the back end of flower, and they are the least developed. they have started fade tho, so this may be what i get.

these things would be a better grow as a mono crop. they were the most sensitive all the way thru, and really like extra attention. i got a clone from them that has decided to give me headaches on the next run as well right now. sigh. after the next run i'm likely letting it go.

artsy random low shot to finish

stay healthy and green 420.



Grow Journal of the Month: July 2020
how goes 420 ?

i am at the the end of wk 8 and

beginning of wk 9 flower

the jungle room is doing great. everybody gained height, which i was not expecting. maxed the light hangers out raising the light.

so unruly. :p
love the fade and fall colours.

i'm a sucker for the colours..

i promise the next couple runs are gonna be more organized.

darn things are taking way long. i am close to being in the window. was hoping to finish most of these within 2 wks but the trichs are hanging tough. mostly cloudy, and a watched trich never ambers lol

the jungle effect prolly isn't helping. i wanted to grow these out almost natural to get the feel of hempy. it worked, and i am much more confident moving forward, but i'm gonna be about 60 days over by a rough estimate. i woulda done faster in soil even, but it is not the fault of the media, i dialed a load of stuff in on this school project. tweaks are planned over the next couple runs.

yield needs improvement for the future as well. am not unhappy with the present tho, the fact these are all looking to finish is a massive win for me.

black indica looking tasty and close..

really wanted to string up the plants for bud support. have hooks installed in the space high up for it. ran in to an issue, the other caretaker (dad), wanted to be able to move them in and out of the room for maintenance. it works better for him. going to try address that moving in to the next grow. the next grow will stay hempy but on a different approach for the space.

the cbdream are gonna be the best producers. fantastic cbd plant. the lemony aroma is amazing. my mom has started opening the grow room door to let the aroma out when lights are on. went over to work on stuff yesterday and the house smell reached to the sidewalk. :oops:

asked her to be careful as her and pops don't notice it so much being there all the time. she couldn't care less lol. they are retired, and a lot of their retired friends wanna grow. it's kinda odd, as my folks are very very bible religious. progressive, but super religious.

told her she could turn the fan off a couple hours a day, save the power, and achieve the same aroma effect. :laugh2:

the white cookies are still working on getting with the program.

am getting impatient with them. want the most attention, smallest, furthest back, and holding up production going forward.

can see where they would rock, but not my kind of plant right now. super compact, low, dense. not the easiest grow, made more difficult by the fact i didn't do a nute program for them alone, they got the same as the others. super small, tight, dense buds. they make an insane amount of bud sites tho. betting that a mono crop with scrog and the right attention would make these explode into something special.

i only kept one clone from each of the two phenos i grew. one has been enough of a headache that it might get voted off the island before flip. strangely the one thing i really like about them is they show every problem before anyone else. if you can make them happy, no one else is gonna complain lol :rolleyes:

pulled a pile of the more obviously finished fan leaves off, with a few near done for good measure. the plant pulled what it wanted from them anyway.

opened it up touch. still a jungle...

hoping for a partial chop in the next wk or so..

all for now. take care 420.

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Grow Journal of the Month: July 2020
hi 420. we are in

wk 10 flower

and 2 of the 5 plants are in the window.

the black indica was the first to get there

one of the cbdream wasn't far behind.

started flush on those two last night.

the other cbdream is close but still a few days out.

there is quite a difference in the colour of the buds. the ripe cbdream is as dark as the black indica, while this one is still pretty green. all of them are showing amber trichs, the laggards aren't in the 10% range quite yet tho.

the white cookies made a valiant effort to catch up. they gained some height, filled in a bit, and both ambered up a touch. this one is the furthest along.

lots and lots of bud sites. they haven't been getting fat however, i don't think it's in this one's genetics. mine don't look anything like the plant pics on the seed seller's site. no pine tree shape to them at all.. was super happy to see the trichs starting to colour. these are probably finishing at the same time as the later cbdream, so at least i can do the whole room in two stages.

other white cookies is working on it. i'll be finishing it with the rest of the sisters regardless.

skinny tall colas. these were supposed to be my smoke plants. the others are meds specific for me. little bit of disappointment lol. if i had more time and space i'd work with these gals over a couple grows. as it is there are other strains i'd like to get to, and i have two that are sort of a must keep. have some mandarin regs i'd like to get to that were made with local genetics. trying to figure how to work them in with the others.

overall i'm simply grateful to be looking at a finish no matter the harvest size. earlier in this journey i was a hair from losing them all.

pulled a pile more spent fans off. i will be going to a more aggressive defol on the next grow.

pretty much shooting to grow sticks on the next run, with just a couple top colas per plant, and that's it. i don't have the space to get light around bushes. building a bigger light after then next run as well for the flower room.

final upward shot of the ladies jungle fashion

appreciate all the help and comments to get this far.

stay healthy and green 420.



Grow Journal of the Month: July 2020
Black indica sounds awsome. I'll take one please. Lol
Hope you are well.

thanks VG doing decent. real decent.

i went heavy with 9 black indica clones on the next run lol. :laugh2:
all are from the one clone that survived the early disaster ... one super tough plant.


Grow Journal of the Month: July 2020
9 will be a sight to see for sure. They are drool worthy.:drool:

darn. wish you were closer. i gifted a bunch of clones off a few wks ago. i'm doing a pile more when i empty up fort st. veg/clone to the flower room.


Grow Journal of the Month: July 2020
hi 420 we are

wk 12 of flower

and we owe an update by now lol.

the black indica and one of the cbdream got the chop.

since the others needed to stay in the room, i got a $12 wardrobe box to hang the plants.

stuck it in a closet. it worked pretty good.

wired up a collar to get them in. removed it a couple days in. took them down for final trim and jar after 5 days. the cardboard acts as a desiccant and they dried too quick.

prepped the last cbdream for chop and left the white cookies alone. the white cookies looked like they needed a bit more time, and the cbdream was just there.

the last cbdream got the final chop last night. it just wasn't going to amber up much more. that leaves the white cookies which i started flush on yesterday and plan on chopping sunday.

pic is a couple days old. the fans yellowed out further and they gained more trichs. they aren't getting much amber tho and i doubt i'm gonna get them there further.

did a final trim on the first plants and jarred them up. it was rough. the buds were pretty dry, initial rh was under 40% in the first jar before boveda packs.. the larger buds were a bit better, and the the cbdream faired much more decent than first impressions.

thank the good green god for the boveda packs. never used them before.

i separated the better black indica buds from the rest. plan is to save the nicer stuff for smoking after a cure. probably just smush them on top with the rest next time lol. the smaller stuff is for canna pills, same for the cbdream.

they all smell amazing. no hay aroma at all going in. the cbdream is very pleasingly lemon. i wanna try make some salve with that at some point.

early smoke report on the black indica is promising. took a small part of a bud by accident during trim a wk before chop. slow dried it, and tried it in my ancient brass pipe. very happy stuff. uplifting. wouldn't call it strong, but it seems to last. didn't burn the cleanest but that may cure out. not harsh.

not unhappy with the results so far and aiming to get better.

will finish this journal up soon.

take care 420.



Grow Journal of the Month: July 2020
hi 420

wk 14 of flower

and we are done.

looks strange after all this time.

the final cbdream came down that weekend. dried it for 4 days then jarred it.

stuff is drying way too fast in that box. will probably modify it with a poly liner and some type of humidifier for future use. room rh is about 35% right now. it does creep up as high as 50% depending on weather, but it mostly sits at the lower.

my trimming could use more work. been out of practice a long long time.

the white cookies put on a last minute trichome surge and small growth spurt, then let me know they were finished.

the buds didn't exactly swell, but they showed some modest new growth in the final 10 days.

the new growth was a surprise. it's welcome as the buds are pretty small. when it finished the older trichs began to amber literally over night. i stripped all the remaining fan leaves and left it standing for a few days.

everything hit the floor without the extra foliage holding it lol. gonna stake the next grow.

cut and hung them mid week, and jarred them up last night.

bit more came out of the white cookies than i expected.

it was a crap trim tho. however my shake bag is getting pretty stuffed .. am getting a bit better. i did manage to catch these before they dried as much as the last. the bovedas are gonna pull them down a bit rather than bring them up. the cure will hopefully go better.

on bud report : the odor was not so strong. a bit diesel, hint of spice, slightly sandalwood. has it's own aroma, nothing stands above anything else. very pleasant. hoping it comes out a bit stronger with a little cure.

early smoke report : unsure. had some small bud cut earlier and slow dried as a tester, feel it was a bit immature. was asking myself if it even did anything before i realized it was speedy. :rolleyes: does not seem that strong to me, though a proper sized tester after a cure may change my mind on potency.

taste was a touch off to me. tester sample still had chlorophyll, so that tossed everything else off. really hoping the short hang didn't lock it in. don't wanna call it til i try a proper tester after a cure.

no idea on weight, not that much tho. everything seemed light and airy to me. thought the same about the black indica and cbdream too, but the first stuff jarred seems to have improved a lot. dunno. :17:

let's call it room for improvement. a bigger light is planned to help. gonna stuff 6 cobs in there. the 4 cob rig is great for veg, but i'm thinking the larger rig will be a help in flower. won't be in time for the start of the next run tho. that's already on lol.

already started tweaking with an adjustable floor, and this is what we are growing now...

spring veggies lol

the veggies got evicted unfortunately for new tenants..

these get flipped this week.

the veggies are safe in a new home lol.

that about brings my first 420 journal to the end. i will keep the journal open here a bit for comments and whatnot then request a move to the completed section in a couple days.

:420: has been great to me on this journal.

thanks to everyone for contributing and keeping this on the rails.

Amadeus Forzin

420 Staff
Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

Please head over to the 420 Strain Reviews forum and post your smoke report there too.

I’m moving this to Completed Journals now.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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