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Trying a strain that I have never grown before. BLZ Bud. Does anybody have any experience with this strain? If so, any reviews would be helpful.


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hi ezemeds

the shop were i get my seeds highly recomends this strain to me everytime i go there lol but i have not yet taken up the oppertunity but its supposed to be g13 x trainwreck x super silver haze seedism seeds supply my shop with this strain check there site Welcome to Seedism its supposed to be quite a high yeilder also

hope this helps


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growing some now,going to flower today::thumb: not very good with the computer but will try to keep you updated.BLZ very POTENT MEDICINE NOT FOR THE FIRST TIMER! So goes the info obtained so far.Very strong odor,very thick and bushy so far,supposed to get 50% larger once put to flower,very large yield also.Really looking forward to this one based on the information,hope it lives up to its hype.Has anybody tried BULL RYDER?Also very strong med and very forgiving for the first time grower.I think its wonderful. I have a friend who is a diabetic amputee who it works wonders for I can't hardly get him to try anything else, but when he does he always goes back to BR. HAVE A GREAT DAY!
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