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Bman’s Aussie White Widow! First Ever Grow Indoor LED

Hefty lefty

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Hey bman. You know I’m new to growing also so I would wait for someone who knows better than me but I don’t think I would use that on my plants. It seems to be more of like a vitamin or something I couldn’t read any ingredients on it. And I’m pretty sure it said add npk also. So if it is a deficiency I’m not sure it would help you. But let’s see what someone who actually knows says. The clawing thing, everything I have read about clawing usually leads to nitrogen, either a deficiency or a toxicity, but again newbie here so. Hopefully someone will clarify cause I’m definitely interested in case I see it my grow. Good luck my friend. Hopefully it’s nothing to big b


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Since you are not feeding any nutrients, should be good to give a little drink of that. Otherwise dried used coffee grounds. Work wonders, but you said she was heavenly watered.. Maybe she needs to dry up a bit first...


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Hope everyone’s having a great week!

Tbh I like having 3 plants instead of the 6
Feels more comfortable to manage inside the small tent
More air and room
The CLAWING has stopped and back to normal - weird
But the temp seems to be stuck at 25 degrees and 58%.
I feel like this is high
I added a extra 8cm duct at th bottom to draw in more ventilation
And a bigger fan to circulate
But can’t get the % down
Is this a worry?

Quick update on my plants I gave to my cousin (outdoor grow) is kinda funny
(I shouldn’t laugh)
1 is holding strong but the othebest 2 have just started bending and curving lol no idea why lol photos below



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Day 56!!!
First week of flowering down.

Is it normal for leaves to start dying off? (Photos below)
Seems like they want water more frequently so I’m just adding bits at a time
Managed to get my humidity down to 50%
So I’m working on that
PISTILS have sprouting out like crazy
I think I just spent 2 hours looking at my plants watering them and cleaning up my grow tent to make the environment super clean.
NO nutrients as of yet
They just seem to be happy growing...

Any input or comments are always appreciated



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Hey guys!!!
Hope all is well

It’s been almost aweek since the last update
Started feeding my girls some seasol
Started off with a small amount as they have been fine without any nutrient feeds
But just check out the photos and tell me what you think
I feel like I need to tie the tops ones down so the rest are getting more light
Can I do this during flower?
One photo the bottom half looks a bit sad
Haven’t watered them in a few days but they just got a drink and sun


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Hey guys
So I’ve been away a few days and let my 24 hour timmer do it’s work
Apparently it hasn’t been as I arrived home and the light cycle wasn’t ON

I’m guessing it hasn’t had light for 2 days
So I’ve turn the light on
My leaves are curling and flipping
Few dead leaves on the bottom but nothing bad
Anyone had this issue and ideas what I should do
Do they look ok still??
I’m a tad panicked as I’m getting so close to finishing my first grow
I’m gonna post this up in the forum as well as here
Appreciate any input


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