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Boil tincture in mason jar

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I just harvested my first grow.. just waiting it to cure. Wife was not too happy about the smell, so was thinking best way to use the trim was a Tincture... I am thinking of grinding the trim finely, adding 151 proof (Highest I can get in my area), and puting in a mason jar and boiling in a pot of water.. Toughts? I never made a Tincture before..


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Done it many times. Put bud in jar and freeze for a few days with 190 proof and shake every now and then is the way I did it. Then evaporate it off under safe heat. Long long tedious process. Now I just make wax/dabs. Faster, easy and safe as long as you do the butane part of the bho in a well ventilated area with no sparks etc. Just be safe, either way can be very dangerous.