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Bomb Seeds

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Well this year I used Bomb seeds again.Hash bomb and berry B (they should change that name...) anyway I am really happy with them.I got the non fem seeds and all of the plants are over 7 feet!! And the berry b is almost ready to harvest and that is very good being up here in the Great Northwet (West). We are having a really dry summer and am hoping all goes well. The Hash B are just now starting to get hairy.I bet there is over a month to harvest. I plan on putting up a hoop[ tent as soon as the weather get wet.So.I just wanted to say I am really happy with these two strains,especially the berry b.To have them ready to go this early is nice surprize !!!! The more winter sets in the more I have to worry about mold.Both of these are spossed to be mold resistant. We will see. So far so good,Happy hemping, Red
u have the fast pheno i got last year on the berry bomb..it was harvested here in south east usa by sept9th..this year i got a difffernt pheno bc it just started flowering about 2 weeks ago..im eager to try this pheno out! bomb seeds are great im growing cherry bomb this year as well outdoors..i will get around to growing them all eventaully..i will be keeping berry bomb in my line up for a very long time just bc she produces a monster yeild..this one i have this year is 11ft9inch last year she only got to 8ft6inch..the berry bomb dont handle the wet to well if u get a few days of gray days after a rain it will mold..at least mine did but it was like 4 days it rained and no sun to dry it out but it was close to harvesting it anyways so didnt hurt that much..im hoping this slow pheno i got now will be mold resistant if it gets wet here this month or next:bravo:
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Thanks for the info...One question though...On two of the Berry B I have found gray mold that started where i cut off a bad lookin leaf.(Note to self ,never trim for looks,leaves will dry up and falll off all by its self). I am using a micro tourch to burn the mold.I have done that in the past and it worked well.This time i covered the area with Vaseline after I burnt it.My thought is that the Vaseline will choke out any air so the mold will die...Also why does some leaves that are cut heal fine and others start to mold? These plants are out of the weather in a open ended hoop tent and there always seems to be a breeze blowing through... Any ideas? Thanks ,Red
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Thanks Baked,That makes sense...I was stumped.....hmmm so if you do need to do some triming it would help to put some vasiline on the cut to keep the spores off it? Nice and sunny up here today.mmmmm Nice ,spring is on its way....well someday....Thanks Red


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hi. i got some thc bomb seeds. i have two left, of the five fems i bought. the plant grows well. i had it, as my outdoor last year. the buds are hard. the plant grew semi lanky. i may just have to germ the two, and the four herojana fems i have left, as well.
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Hey Can,Did you have any problem with mold with the TCH bomb? I still have some Berry Bomb seeds that I am going to use this year.They were ready 3 weeks before the Hash Bomb and the THC bomb....That was nice... good luck,Hope we can still do 15 like last summer...See ya,Red


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i had no mold. i think that it was it was finished real early. like oct 5 or so. two years in a row, the rain arrived on the same day. oct 17. if they get wet, gently shake they off. I was amazed at how tight and hard the nugs were on the thc bomb. not nessisarily huge, but tight.