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Bone meal question


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Will failure to flush soil make your weed smell like bone meal?

I ask this because I bought some smoke yesterday that had a kinda funky smell to it. I recognized the funky smell today while I was putting some bone meal around my Habanero peppers this afternoon. I was wondering if the funk could be due to the grower not flushing the plants well before harvest. Of course I'm just assuming that the grower used bone meal. I'm not sure that it's bone meal that I smell but, it sure smells similar. Has anyone else ever experience this?

Captain Kronic

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I have definitely tasted differences in flushed and non flushed weed... I don't know about the bone meal but I would say that most of the time if not flushed, there would be some kind of funk to the smoke!
Get the funk out of my smoke... get the funk out of my smoke... LOL


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Bonemeal, although it's great for establishing plant growth and root systems, isn't really a complete fertilizer, especially when it comes down to the flowering and/or fruiting cycle of such plants - no potassium. Generally, it's best to throw it in with other soil amenities like in a compost/mulching pit or a tea.

Bonemeal is a very long lasting soil amendment. Could be very possible the grower of this weed had too much bone meal in the soil.


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If mj really picked up flavors, a LOT of grows would taste like bat poo. LOL


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Hi guys, just wondering if any of you have ever used mushroom compost to grow marijuana?


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