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are there any real differences between carbed and slider bongs?
if so what r the differences?
im ordering a bong this friday i gotta knwo waht i want.
i prefer the slides.

carbs are good, but you don't get nearly as good of a hit.
I prefer carb. I dont have to put the lighter down nor do I have to touch a bowl/slide that might be hot.

I have both and I dont see any difference in the hit. I dont see how it would make a difference. Maybe I am missing something?
rookie. lol.

i've always liked the slides better.

i've noticed whenever a lot of people clear the 'carb' style bongs, they hit it so hard, the bowl will respark, and start to light again....

i just think with slides you get the "full" hit.
technically, you get more smoke from a carb. the unfprtunate side of that is that the smoke doesn't really stop coming. as mentioned, the bowl on a carb-bong might stay lit longer. that can only be caused my air passing through the bowl, through the water, and into the chamber. when you remove the bowl on a slide, the bowl stops being hit, and the chamber can be completely cleared.

yadda yadda yadda
that's all im here for man... to make good points.

after watching milfhunter 3 times, i made myself a nice point... hahahahhaa
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soo REALLY thers not much of a difference, but its on personal preference?

I just sometimes fuck up the slider when ive been smokeing the same bong for like half an hour wiht my friends cuz when im so stoned its hard to operate.

Are carbs considered a newbie type of thing? like when im more experienced with bongs(this will be the first one i own, but i smoke my friends constnatly) will i get bored of the carb?
yeah, it's basically just personal preference.

i've always been a fan of the slide, so i stuck with it.

plus, my bong wouldnt look good with a carb.
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one more question and i know its been asked alot....

acrylic bongs dont smoke shittier then glass do they?(ive only used acrylic)
they just arent as nice and decorative and so on right?
i dont like acryllic for some reason.

it's like smoking out of clay pottery, it just doesnt turn my spicket.

i guess im just a picky bastard.

but if you had Sir Nastiness, you wound wanna hit anything else.

I could name my bong to like Mary-Kate Olsen.. and whenever it's time to smoke, i can be like "any of you guys wanna hit mary-kate?"
that bong looks like my old bong i named bubble boy because it had a big ass bowl for the water to go in but it had a shorter chamber.i hope your gonna buy a bigger bowl 4 it.btw tight bong
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yea, i jsut gotta find a bigger bowl, that one is pretty weak.