Boo’s Perpetual Grow Journal

Soil Grow

Strain: Cinderella 99 Feminized and Pineapple Express Feminized Auto
Number of plants: 4 each
Grow Type: Soil
Grow Stage: Pineapples are in bloom/bud and moved outside on 5/24/2020; Cinderella are in veg (for almost 100 days now) and indoor
Bucket size: Cinderellas are all in 5 gallon buckets; 3 of the Pineapples are in 2 gallon buckets and one is in a 3 gallon bucket
Lights: Currently have two Kolem 300W LED panels. Awaiting 2 Spider Farmer SF-1000 LEDs along with a 2x4 Gorilla tent.
Nutrients: Dyna Grow Bloom and Foilage; have Cal Mag and also Mega Crop which I am not currently using.
Medium: Fox Farm Ocean Forest
PPM: unknown
PH: unknown
RH: unknown
Room Temp: unknown
Solution Temp: unknown
Room sq. Ft.: 2x4
Pests: None known

Hi all. First time Grower here who started too many seeds back in February and is trying to make it to the finish line! I decided to move the PEs outside due to the lack of space in the current ”grow room”. They are doing well and the buds seem to be getting fatter. The Cinderella’s are tall and lanky and I’d like to get them to flower now that the PEs are out, but I’m gonna try some super cropping (hopefully with guidance here) and see if I can get some additional bud sites. I am also hoping that having the grow tent and better lights will help too! I am open to any and all suggestions! I’ve attached pics of the Cinderella’s. Sure hope I did this right....


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So we had a good storm roll thru early this morning and my PEs are like blooming peonies with their glorious buds hanging to the ground with the weight of the water.... hopefully they will recover? They are little weaklings due to my abuse of them. Maybe a little extra silica would be beneficial?
Also went to the grow room and realized one of the lights wasn’t on. No clue why or how long it was dark. Darn it! Started doing some super cropping on the biggest C99 the last few days. I am amazed at how this plant is seemingly unphased by the abuse. I will try to post pics later with a request for input.

Tomorrow starts the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in my neck of the woods. Stay safe out there!
@Emilya and @Pennywise and/or anyone else who wants to chime in!

Hi. I’ve got a little problem with my PEs (aside from the damn storm this morning). The leave are not their usual dark green and perky selves. You two seem to be really good at diagnosing these issues and I hoped you could help. Btw - all those strings and pipe cleaners are there to help prop the bud branches while they recover from their beating. I have been feeding them with Dyna Grow bloom since they went into flower. They did get one feeding of MC a week or so ago but I burned their tips so decided to just stick with the Dyna grow. Any thoughts? Thank you....


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I supercropped all four gals this week. I’m going to try to post some decent’s a jungle in there. The first is the second largest of the four. I screwed up topping her and ended up with three major stems so I cropped all three of them.

The second pic is a closer look.

Third pic is one of the two with just one main stem.

Fourth is the biggest one of the four. I topped her after the other one and got it right that time. I supercropped this one first and @InTheShed suggested that I should be bending to 90 degrees so I went back and brought her into spec...;) and also bent down a stray one with it. I think I may need to SC it again to get it into the height of the canopy with the others.

Fifth is the last of the four, which was not topped and had only one main stem.

There you have it. Thoughts, comments, suggestions welcome. Also, one of the PEs was several weeks behind the others in flower and was hardened outside with the rest and seems to be very happy. I include a picture of her because she kinda looks like some of the other pics I’ve seen and that gives me hope. :love:


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Excellent, and I really dig the support system you created to keep them from flopping. :thumb:
Thanks Shed. I can see the Areas from the stems starting to twist upwards. Will there also be new growth sites forming on the now horizontal stems? Just curious what to look for and when I will be able to flip. Also, with the SC they are about 3-4’ tall. Will they grow a lot taller when they flip to flower?
Once they get over being bent, any nodes along the horizontal should be new tops if you wait long enough before you flip. And when you flip is determined by how much headroom you have.

Stretch will vary greatly from strain to strain, but you can always keep bending, along with other methods to slow down the stretch if you're running short on height.
Okay thanks. My tent is 5-6’ tall so hopefully no more than 3’, I’m going to give it the week to see if any new tops begin to emerge as well as let the others finish twisting upwards. @EastCoastMarley420 is close to harvesting his C99s so I’ll go back thru his journal and see his experience. Thanks so much Shed! :love:
Weird day here, and not in a cool kinda way. My tent arrived - two days early and not complaining - and I’m super excited, but I can’t do anything with it since my new space is right underneath trees getting cut down..and was one part of the weirdness due to a medical emergency that took the latter half of the day. Everyone is okay, it just played out oddly. Hopefully in the next few days I will have everything set up and can post pics. Stay safe out there.
There is a little building on our property that has been sitting vacant for the seven years that we’ve owned the place. The tag on the key says “Treehouse”. Our daughter asked if she could house her potters wheel and kiln there and make periodic visits to throw pottery, fire it, etc. and it was renamed the Clayhouse. Her stuff has been sitting there for almost two years now, not used once. I have decided that it would make a perfect little home for my grow efforts! My plan is to set up the new tent today and possibly move the C99s too. For now, at least I can get down the little path, thanks to my hubs. Stay tuned.


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Hi. I’ve been looking at my notes, and see that 3 of the PEs have been in flower since 30 March - that’s 9 weeks. With the exception of the fourth PE which went to flower several weeks later, they don’t seem to be getting any bigger/fatter and several leaves on each of the three are turning a reddish brown. The Spog has remained the same for several weeks now. I will try to get some pics later today and will also look at the trichs with a loupe. These guys are stunted autos, they have good sticky buds, but they are petite and Im thinking this may be all I get from them, but want to avoid screwing it up at the end! That seems like an awful long flower period, no?
The last trichomes will let you know when to chop, but many Auto flowers run 100 days, so 63 days in flower doesn't seem so long.

I used to throw pottery, but now the kiln is buried behind my vegging light frame, my wheel is buried under boxes of plant bits for salve, and the glazes are in the back of the shed behind the 4' wall of reflective insulation. I'm sure it's going to make a great grow space for you, and it's obviously got plenty of power to it!
I got the tent up and she barely fits. Good thing I wasn‘t planning to use the extension any time soon.... I think it will be pretty snug for the four C99s, but the light will be so much better so hopefully that helps. I can already tell that the vinyl remnant on the floor is going to be a little challenging.we shall see.


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The last trichomes will let you know when to chop, but many Auto flowers run 100 days, so 63 days in flower doesn't seem so long.

I used to throw pottery, but now the kiln is buried behind my vegging light frame, my wheel is buried under boxes of plant bits for salve, and the glazes are in the back of the shed behind the 4' wall of reflective insulation. I'm sure it's going to make a great grow space for you, and it's obviously got plenty of power to it!

They sprouted on Feb 19, flowered around 30 March, and they are 15 weeks old today = 105 days so far. But I have had them in sub-optimal light conditions until I moved them outside about 10 days ago.

I looked at the trichs with the loupe. All three have a mixture of a little clear, more cloudy, and also amber on buds and leaves. The SPOG is like that head to toe, the second one looks like it is ripening from the top down as there are clear trichs on the lower sections with a few newer pistils, the third one is top to bottom with a mixture of the three. I do not have pics of the trichs - future purchase perhaps. Here is the uneven one, the dying leaves are concerning me. All three plants have the same thing going on. I have changed nothing in their nutes, but they are getting watered more often now since they are outside... I’m giving notes every watering - too much maybe?

I’ve also attached my attempt at a Sauga shot of the fourth PE in bloom. She is so happy outside! Lol.


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