Boogies 144x3W Top LED Grow - Various Strains!

hey, thanks wildjim.

hey everyone. figured i'd give an update, should be buying a phone this week... taking so long because I want pretty much the nicest one on the market without a carrier so it's like 450 bucks :[ but it'll be worth it. super HD pictures will be incoming!! hope everyone is doing well.

anyways, plants are looking good for the most part. my flowering plants are looking great. my dinachem should be coming down friday morning. I think I started flushing her too early but that's okay, she looks great. her leaves are purpling nicely, my first successful 2 week flush! i also moved my blue og to flowering, maybe a tad early because it stayed pretty stout but she is a beaut, that's for sure. very, very tight internodes with a total of 6 tops. she will grow nice and compact! I also have a mini dinachem and mini blue cheese that are about a month into 12/12 in there. my only problem seems to be a heat issue in my veg box. my kosher tangie is looking really crisp for some reason, the light is not that close... so I think I am going to replant it into a 2gl pot and throw it into flowering. otherwise things seem to be going well!
Looking good! Im interesting to see the final product and weight! :goodjob:

hey, hunter. the final weight on the 3 plants I have harvested under the LED lights have been a little shy of 2oz dry from each plant. I do not keep my plants too big, though. The buds are not SUPER dense, but they are very nice and crystally. They smoke great, especially after washing them post-harvest.
hey guys. hope everyone is doing well. can anyone diagnose this problem for me? i am thinking it's a pH problem, or the pH is causing a deficiency.

I'm not adjusting pH at all. My tap water is a pH of around 7.5. If it's a phosphorus deficiency then it has to be caused by pH being too low in my soil. My nutrients have a ton of P in them. I think I will try dolomite lime with my plants. This is only happening a little later into flowering, about half way mark I am getting it really bad.
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