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Border Patrol Agent Suspected Of Smuggling Pot


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YUMA, Ariz.–Border Patrol officials in Arizona say an agent working the Yuma sector has been arrested on suspicion of smuggling drugs.

The Yuma Sun reports the unidentified agent is accused of smuggling several bundles of marijuana across the border from Mexico in a marked Border Patrol truck.

The Border Patrol has not released the agent's name or the amount of marijuana found in the truck.

He was arrested Monday and is being held in the Yuma County Adult Detention Center.

The Sun reports the discovery was made by two other Border Patrol agents who were patrolling along the international boundary with Mexico when they encountered the suspect.

The acting chief patrol agent praised what he said was the swift and appropriate actions taken by the arresting agents.

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I'm surprised there are not more agents smuggling what they are sworn to stop.

With the war on drugs making the profit astronomical an agent could make much more this way! Buffalo, NY has a problem where a police reorganization panel member was caught using the information gleaned at meetings with the chief to help warn his dealing friends!

And they assistant chief's brother was caught up in the same scandal. When will they realize the war on drugs can never be won?


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The war on drugs will be over when they find a new cash cow for the government.
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