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Borealis Basin Autos - With Phobos

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Photo of the Month: Jan 2018

The autos compel me to tell their stories. In a much less intimate way, they were really pushy about it. They will only be referred to by strain, not by nickname. I'll be keeping a variety of autos in a perpetual journal. I have many to choose from and may let the readers decide!

I currently have a Dr. Krippling, Krippleberry auto. 3 days out of germination, in a small DWC setup. That I hastily cobbled together with hot glue and rubbermaid products. Utilizing spare aquarium parts of course. There are 2! different types of aquarium lights that I no longer needed! One is a t5 full spectrum, the other a white and blue led. I think it is only like 24 watts. As well as a growing specific led bulb with red/blue and UV. All inside of a cabinet previously featured in a finished journal. It stays 79f-84f with decent humidity.

I will add 2 more autos in a few weeks.
I have so many to choose from though.
I need all of your help deciding.:love:

They will all go into my Apollo flowering tent and bask under 900 watts of led.
It is really closer to 300 watts, so easy on the electricity.:thumb:
There are cfl's that are added to boost the flowering period when I cut out the Veg spectrum.

Pictures a plenty here. I will try to keep them to a dull roar.

More to come!:welcome:
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Photo of the Month: Jan 2018
Since nobody likes seeing seedlings. Here are some recent achievements!

Sensi - Skunk #1 auto main cola.

Fast Buds - Girl Scout Cookies auto. Near harvest.

VIP Seeds - Northern Delights auto. Near harvest.

Sweet Seeds - Dark Devil auto. 54g I think

ILGM - White Widow auto. Monster producer.
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Photo of the Month: Jan 2018
List of inventory.
There are photo-period beans not listed.
My choices may sway to your opinions.

Sweet Seeds
Dark Devil Auto
Bloody Skunk Auto
Cream Mandarin XL Auto
Sweet Trainwreck Auto

Pyramid Seeds
Auto New York City
Auto American Pie
Auto Super OG Kush
Auto Kryptonite

Kush Auto
Auto Lemon

Royal Queen Seeds
Night Queen Automatic
Diesel Automatic

White Widow Auto

Mephisto Genetics
Sour Hound Auto

Girl Scout Cookies Auto

Kannabia Seeds
Kickass Auto

GYO Seedbank
Skunk #1 Auto
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Photo of the Month: Jan 2018
Trim day!
FastBuds- Girl Scout Cookies auto
A week ago. All but the main stalk was harvested.
They were not wet trimmed, and were hung upside down on stem. The Bergman way. :laugh2:

The main stalk was allowed to go for another week. The last 2 days of which were dark.;)
It is now doing it's best impression of a bat. :tokin:

2oz dry

More to come.

Amadeus Forzin

Staff member
Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read our Photo Gallery Tutorial.

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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Photo of the Month: Jan 2018
I have been super busy with work and the holidays. As I find myself back on the site regularly and wanting to post pictures.
Without a journal, I feel kinda imposing when I post in others threads.

So, I would like to keep this one alive as my perpetual grow journal.

I currently am finishing a Cream Mandarin XL from Sweet Seeds.:11: As well as a Night Queen from Dutch Passion.:drool:

The lanky lady in the very back, unwillingly named Rae. :33: Is partially into flower. She is a Kickass auto - Kannabia seeds.

The next generation is also from Sweet Seeds!:love: Auto Trainwreck and Bloody Skunk!!:love:

A pair of :29: Cream Mandarin XL seedlings are waiting their spot in the big tent after the harvest!

I'll do my best to keep it updated. :8: I hope this journal can get out of the shadows and into some subs! :circle-of-love::420:
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Photo of the Month: Jan 2018
Just cut down the rest of the CMXL. :rip:
It is now hanging in the drying habitat.:popcorn:
The seedlings just moved into the tent. I rearranged my lights to better suit the shorties. :party:
I have my 600w going full blast all over them! :33:
The 300w is keeping the other ladies in flower company along with a 13w UV CFL.
The 46w 3000k CFL is napping to mitigate heat.:yikes:

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Photo of the Month: Jan 2018

So the Bloody Skunk auto shot up to match the Sweet Trainwreck auto overnight! :love:

They are both showing me their lady bits, ooh la la. :11:
Sweet Trainwreck

Bloody Skunk

The Cream Mandarin XL seedlings are loving their new habitat! New growth is sure to explode over night!:wood:

Night Queen is showing her age, Day 83.:36:

Kickass is kicking ass! Day 69. :2: