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BornTo420 Stem Splitting technique, with excellent results!


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Here is my version of Stem Splitting. I have a video link CLICK HERE showing better detail if you are interested.

I took a new cleaned utility knife blade and after harvest I started at the end and "Split the Stem" and where I could not run the blade all the way threw, because of a protruding node/branch, I took the blades tip and pressed it into the stem area between buds and with a careful right to left /back & forth motion along with slight downward pressure could pierce stem and once threw, split stem in both directions, Before removing blade I rotated blades edge 360 degrees between the split stems. This caused an uneven cut between the surfaces and after removing blade the two stems DID NOT close back up. A gap here will allow air to enter the tips of the stems. If I was to just pull the blade out the two stems would close back up and not allow as much air to to penetrate.

This is better than just cutting up the buds and exposing the ends of each buds stem. The surface is restricted to the end of the stem, the splitting of the stem dramatically increases the surface exposed to allow evaporation of the water in the bud. In 24 hours a buds weight at harvest of 6.0 grams was 3.4 grams in just 24 hours. The stems are already snapping and some smaller buds where moved to glass jars for final curing.
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